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    I’ve been doing a few different programs over the past year. In this order- Voldka & Pickles, Even Easier Strength, Total Tension KB Complex, and enjoyed all of them. I also like to use TGU’s in my warmups. After about 6 weeks of TT KB complex, I was away from the gym for a few weeks because I had a 2 week backpack hunting trip with a few days on either end for prepping and settling back in.

    I did find that I started to aggravate one of my shoulders with all the overhead pressing so now I’m avoiding OH presses for awhile.

    I can’t really commit to a specific program right now because this time of year my gym days aren’t as consistent but I get more days outside hiking.
    So right now I’m trying to keep it simple whenever I get to the gym. I’m doing a warmup with TGU’s, squat mobility and hip bridges.
    Then I’ve been following Voldka & Pickles DL protocol and then finishing by doing 5 to 10 rounds of Double Clean, KB front squat and Double swing. I do all 3 in a complex with 5 reps of each. So far it’s a relatively quick workout and feels good so far. My goal is to maintain some strength and tension and hopefully not lose any mass with the extra days out hiking. I’m trying to do it 3 times a week.

    Does this sound like I’m on the right track? My plan is to get back into a specific program in a couple months when I can commit the time more consistently.
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    Sounds reasonable
    Q&D may also fit in here pretty well
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