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    Organ meats have a very high nutrient density. I am eating organ meats at least twice per week. Fortunately, being a Cajun from Louisiana, we have a long, sustained history of cooking organ meats. One of my favorites is Cajun rice dressing (the other is boudin) . Here is my mom's recipe, which I prepare often:
    (as an option, you can add hearts and reduce the amount of ground beef).


    1 lb of chicken livers

    1 lb of chicken gizzards

    1.5 lbs of ground beef (preferably grass fed)

    1/2 bell pepper

    1 onion

    2 stalks celery

    2 cloves garlic

    3 green onions (I use more, a whole bunch)

    parsley (I use an entire bundle)


    Cook gizzards and liver in a large pot with celery, garlic, bell peppers and onions. When cooked, save the stock and run the meats through a food processor to desired texture. The texture should be like ground meat, or finer. Add gizzards/liver back to the stock.

    Add in the ground beef and cook (with liver and gizzards). Season to taste with salt and red pepper. When cooked, add in green onions and parsley and serve on rice.
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  2. Anna C

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    What, no Tony Chachere's? ;)

    Looks good, will give it a try.

  3. Steve A

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    Gizzards usually take much longer to cook than liver. Would you give more details on how you are doing this?
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  4. mprevost

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    Just throw them in a pot, on medium heat, until it looks like it is cooked. That's about all there is to it.
  5. mprevost

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    I snuck a little Tony's in there. Tony used to work out in the gym where I got my start in the fitness business.
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    That sounds sooo good. Do you add water when cooking the gizzards and livers or does that stock come from the natural juices? I fell in love with Cajun food while playing in a band in New Orleans in my younger years. I swear if I lived down there I would weigh 300lbs. Feel free to post more of your moms recipes.
  7. mprevost

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    No need to add water. The stock does come from the natural juices. Super simple to prepare. I just ate some about an hour ago. This recipe makes quite a bit. I usually separate it into 3 containers and freeze two. It tastes great once thawed and microwaved.
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    Great! I’m going to pick up the ingredients this weekend at Piggly Wiggly and give it a try. I’m doing keto right now so I’ll substitute white rice with cauliflower rice. May try sausage in place of ground beef too.
  9. Al Ciampa

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    Brilliant. Often overlooked.

    Fat is an organ; so let’s not discount it. Organs should be, IMO, harvested from healthy animals only (especially liver and kidneys). I do beef liver into a pate-like paste using grass-fed butter and snack on it throughout the week.

    In fact, this post reminded me that I haven’t done this in a while. I’ll make some today. Thanks Mike! Great to hear from you as well.
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    Sounds delicious. Do you let the trinity simmer for a few minutes prior to throwing in the gizzards and livers or do you throw it all in at the same time?
  11. mprevost

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    I like to simmer my veggies just a little first, but it probably does not matter much either way.
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    Tony Chachere’s would make a flip flop tasty.
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    I’ve been reading about the benefits of nose to tail eating.
    I’m confident I will be cooking organs in my kitchen.
    Until that day, I’m using this..
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    Mmm pancreas and spleen....
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