Original strength resets for core strength?

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For what it's worth, I here's how I break up my core work and I aim to train at least 1 variation from each section during a block:

1. Movement Variation- Lizard Crawl, Inchworm, Bear Crawl

2. Crunch Variation- McGill Curl-up, Decline Partner Med Ball Throws

3. Plank/Core Stabilization Variation- Extended Front Plank AKA Long Hollow, Ab Roller

4. Straight Leg Raise Variation- Hanging Leg Raises, Supine Straight Leg Raises, Seated Pike Lifts

5. Low Back- Superman, Weighted Arch-up, Static Back Endurance Hold

6. Oblique Variation (Ideally Anti-Rotation)- Cable/Banded Cross Chop, Pallof Press, 1 Arm Dumbbell Lateral Flexion

7. Bonus Stabilization Variations- Hollow Hold, Bird Dog, Dead Bug


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In people's opinions, is this "enough" to build a strong core? Or are more traditional exercises needed, like planks, crunches and rollouts, or other weighted movements like get ups?
You're well on your way with those resets.

In the interest of training efficiency (specifically for you as a cyclist), here's a short list of core stuff that might prove useful:

Side planks
Adductor side planks -
Farmer walks
Hardstyle Planks

And of course, anything that works/stretches the glutes would probably help (kettlebell swings!)
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