Overturning Jones loss

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by HUNTER1313, Jun 30, 2019.

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    I am sick of hearing about Jones and the push to get his loss to matt hammill overturned. He knew the rules, he broke the rules (again), too bad so sad. Why is everyone such a jones nut hugger? And now, apparently matt has made some comments and says let's have a rematch. To which jones feels disrespected. Disrespected? What about everyone of your opponents you took steroids against? The ones you "inadvertently" poked in the eyes? The one you threw the illegal elbows against? After everything he has done inside and outside the ufc, he should have been tossed aside. Hell, he is still testing positive, but that's ok, he's jon jones.
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    Agreed @HUNTER1313 ! He should never been let back in after getting coked up and driving into a pregnant woman and then leaving the scene. I don't expect fighters to be choir boys/girls, I do expect them not to be felons and show cased by a company that is owned by Disney.
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    Jones wins again. Let's just wait for the drug tests. Oh wait.......it doesn't matter with him. It'll be pictograms left over from his last cycle.
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    I used to be such a big MMA follower but the last 2-3 years have been a joke with the amount of Jones/McGregor hyping. Some of the matchups make no sense and there's close to zero credibility.
    And of course Dana wants it to be overturned, what could be better for his prized possession/business than referring to JJ as undefeated.
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  5. Pantrolyx

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    Why on earth should this result be overturned after 10 years?
    The ban on 12/6 elbows may have been controversial, but it was still a well known part of the game. The intentional violation of the actual rules was obvious and decisive. Of course, Dana White would like to label his greatest fighter as "undefeated", but this is just silly.
  6. Sergio

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    It should be over turned because he was clearly mauling him lol. The 12 to 6 elbow is no more dangerous than a wheel house kick to the face, yet it’s perfectly legal. Before the golden snitch came along it was widely speculated that a significant percentage of the UFC roster was on the juice, so he wasn’t the only one. I’m not saying it’s okay to use PED’s but according to the most respected drug testing agency out there, he’s good. If there was a conspiracy, why reveal that he tested positive in the first place? Sure, he was a bit of a mess outside the cage but he’s human, let the man live. Lol. JJ is the GOAT imo.
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    For anyone interested in the world of evading PED testing they should watch the documentary Icarus
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