Pain from hernia scar that is almost 50 years old?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Smile-n-Nod, Jul 17, 2017.

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    [TL;DR? See highlighted question below]

    I've been working on Simple & Sinister for about six months. Several months ago, while running, I felt pain in my lower abdomen, directly underneath a scar from a hernia surgery that I had when I was about five years old. Also, when I train Turkish Get-Ups, I feel a sharp pain in the same place while standing from the lunge position. (Interestingly, the pain is worse on the first get-up and becomes quite bearable by the fourth and fifth).

    I saw a doctor a couple weeks ago who checked and found no current indication of a new hernia. Today I saw a physical therapist who said that the pain could be the result of an adhesion from the scar tissue.

    I've never had pain from this scar tissue (except right after the surgery, naturally). Does it make sense that scar tissue from hernia surgery would start causing me pain almost 50 years after the surgery? My fitness and strength have been steadily increasing in the last year, due to kettlebell training, running, walking, and martial arts; could my increased muscle tone (combined with my increased age of 53 years) also be contributing to the pain from the scar tissue?
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    I have similar pain from the same surgery from time to time. As long as a Dr. says your good you should be fine. Try adding lower ab work to your warm up, it seems to work for me. Best of luck with things.
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    Try putting a hot, damp towel on top of the scar for a couple minutes followed by a bit of body lotion before the workout. If that helps, then it's probably time to address the tissue restrictions caused by the scar.
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    It doesn't necessarily make sense right off the bat, but that doesn't mean it cannot happen. Bodies do what they want sometimes.

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