Pavel 5 week DL plan

John Spezzano

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I haven't used it but it looks like solid, which is not surprising considering Pavel wrote it...

This looks like a nice peaking program but obviously is not appropriate for regular training, so assuming you want to get back to a more regular program I have a couple of questions. Why do you think your recovery is becoming an issue on a 3x/week program? What percentages of RM were you lifting and at what volume? You're running out of time for the October TSC so this plan makes sense, but after it's done what do you want your programming to look like in terms of volume, intensity and frequency?

Stay strong, my friend!


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If not training for the TSC you might want to check Deadlift Dynamite. It is built around once per week training of each BP, SQ and DL + assistance exercises.


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I used it once. Got from 385 to 405, and felt like it definitely helped me peak. I wouldn't use it as my standard training, but if you need to sharpen for an event/PR attempt, I think its a great way to do so.
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