Pavels' Advice for Dumbells

Discussion in 'Other' started by Kozushi, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Geoff Chafe

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    @Pavel Macek I love the Straight Arm DB Snatch. Really fun exercise. I sometimes use it on a variety day. When I practice it always I wonder why I don't use it more.

    I also love the One Arm DB Clean and Jerk, Circus DB style.
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  2. Kozushi

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    The DB straight arm snatch combines the kettlebell swing movement with something of the at least last part of the Turkish get up. I could see doing it instead of the kettlebell swings if I don't have access to kettlebells. The clean and press (or jerk) would be a nice compliment to it, getting a press into the game. I suppose these would be particularly good for if the dumbell isn't heavy enough to be worth doing the Turkish getups with it. If the dumbell IS heavy enough, I imagine I'd replace the clean and press with the Turkish get up then.

    And of course, being someone who has only lifted weights seriously for the past 5 months, my thoughts are only to see what more experienced people might write as responses.
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  3. James Bonner

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  4. Pavel Macek

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    @James Bonner and everybody else interested in dumbbell lifting - please check out my SIMPLEXSTRONG page - lots of info about dumbbells, including a free and detailed dumbbell swing tutorial.
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