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Hey guys, I just returned to Basel/Switzerland from the "Plan-Strong"-Seminar in Vicenza. Slightly overwhelmed from the amount of information for two days I couldn't say much IN Vicenza , I`m coming back to my senses now and wanted to add remarks/feedbacks to Pavel and Fabio.
To Pavel - As I was able to start reading the manual I come to realize: This seems ... I guess I should say ... "epic" work, and I know its just part of what you did and do. Obviously, I'm not the first one to notice, and not really somebody, who can EXACTLY evaluate the effort and thought that went into such an endeavor...might sound kind of corny from some "novice";-). But I'm a bit in awe and very thankful... .
To Fabio - I think you just did a tremendous job that weekend! A lot of "heavy lifting" - translating, teaching, presenting, guiding "your guys" in the audience ... man, I cannot imagine a better host!

Thanks for all the input an stimulation from both of you, and the stimulation resulting from the questions that the audience asked, thanks to all of you, too :)

Greetings Johann

Steve Freides

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@Johann, we have a special forum section open only to PlanStrong attendees. I have added you to that section. If you want to discuss any specifics, that's where we ask you do it since the material has not been published and is considered proprietary.

Glad you enjoyed it - I've been to PlanStrong twice.



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@Steve Freides
I did not know about this section. Can I be added too? I was at PlanStrong in Vicenza.

I second your comment. Excellent seminar, lot of info. Great job by Pavel (of course) and Fabio.
My first plan took me a lot of time and corrections...


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Hi Johann,

Nice talking to you in Vicenza. Glad you found your way to the forum!


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