Polar OH1 vs H10?

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  1. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    Thanks to @Bret S. for a recommendation for the Polar H10. I was checking it out and also saw the Polar OH1 as well. Just thinking it would be very convenient to slip on the upper arm out of the way of the kettlebell.

    I read one review comparing the graphs of the H10 and OH1 and there were very minor deviations.

    Does anyone have any experience with this one?
  2. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Hey Ryan, personally I hate the chest strap but use it for the accuracy factor, reasons I don't like it are :
    - I don't like anything tight around my chest to begin with.
    - The strap works it's way down as I train to below my lats, luckily it still reads but feels like it's going to slip further (but never does).
    - It's a pain to put on if I've already put a shirt on, trying to hold the shirt up with my chin as I fasten it.

    So I ordered an OH1 for comparison, I'll test it against the H10 and see what happens. If the OH1 is accurate I'll keep it and use it, if not then back it goes.. I think the real test will be doing VWC with the arm band, if it's accurate and doesn't slip then it's a winner.
  3. Tobias Wissmueller

    Tobias Wissmueller Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I own and use both for some time now. Both fine devices but responsiveness is different.

    The OH1 takes a while to measure the actual heart rate. I use it for running and cycling where I maintain a steady heart rate.

    The H10 picks up a change in heart rate much faster. Am using it for monitoring my heart rate during swings and getups.
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  4. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    Yeah, after further reading I saw where there is 5-10 second latency in measuring HR. @Tobias Wissmueller Do you find the chest strap obtrusive or uncomfortable?

    So @Bret S. , for VWC at 15:15 intervals, might be cutting close but not sure. Not familiar enough with how quickly you need the reading.
  5. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    A 5-10 sec latency is no problem for VWC as the HR steadily climbs and flattens out at the top so I don't see it as a problem. My main concern is that the latent reading is accurate which it is in @Tobias Wissmueller 's experience. I'm looking forward to having an easier to use accurate device I can wear on my arm.
  6. Jim Lauerman

    Jim Lauerman More than 300 posts


    I have an H7. It’s basically the H10 without memory. You can try it out when you’re here. I have found it to be the most responsive and useful HRM that I have used.

    I use a Garmin Vivoaport for LED work. It’s an optical reading on the wrist and OK for steady state training but pretty worthless for KB work.

  7. The Nail

    The Nail Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Above resting heart rate, the chest strap with it's electrodes are more accurate than any optical measuring system. I only use mine for running, and I do not even notice it at all.
  8. ClaudeR

    ClaudeR Triple-Digit Post Count

    I have an optical that goes onto the upper arm (Scosche Rhythm+) which is the same concept as the OH1. I also have a chest band (Wahoo TICKR).
    The optical is fine (actually excellent) for anything that is not flexing muscles (running, rucking, biking etc) and is generally quick enough even for quick intervals.

    However anything that involves muscle flexion in the larger area of placement (any and all weight work including any KB work) optical HRM will always struggle and be inconsistent... only chest strap will work reliably for that

    Chest straps have their own issues, especially in cold dry weather they take forever to lock onto HR.

    If you do KB and weight work go with the electrode chest strap
  9. dnguyen411

    dnguyen411 More than 500 posts

    I've been using the Polar OH1 for over 6 months now. Folks are right that there is a slight delay in the measurement of the heart rate but based on how I feel during the training and the reviews I read, the heart rate measures correctly.

    I like that it is an arm strap versus a chest strap as previous chest strap ones I've used in the past were uncomfortable. It's nice just to place it on your arm right before starting my training versus fooling around with a chest strap where it's probably more socially acceptable to place that on either in the locker room area or at home.
  10. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    For kettlebell work I'd go with the h10. Many of us have been using it with good results, you can't go wrong with it. The strap doesn't get in the way.
  11. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    Thanks for all the responses. I think I'll have to choose one and give it a shot. My start with the chest strap. If it's not uncomfortable than I'll roll with it. Otherwise I'll try for the optical.
  12. Tobias Wissmueller

    Tobias Wissmueller Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Not at all. I don't even feel it anymore. The H7 was different. I was feeling it and sometimes it would come off on its own, especially during getups.

    Never had any issues with the H10 in this regard. Just make it tight.
  13. JonC

    JonC Double-Digit Post Count

    I haven’t tried the OH1 but I use the H10. The strap is pretty comfortable and I don’t really notice it after a while. Getting it wet and putting it on is the most annoying part. I have worn it for many hours after a workout without it bothering me.

    I used to use the Apple Watch for HR tracking (optical) but it doesn’t work well with kettlebells. The chest monitor is also much quicker and more accurate.

    The polar apps are pretty easy to use and synchronize with the website. For an example you can see my graphs in the training log section.

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