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Last session was 10 backward uphill crawls and 60 swings with a 28 kg kettlebell.  A great combo if you're short on time and still want to stay strong.

Johnny Bird

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2 arm swing - 36kg - 10/rest 1-2 minutes x 20
c&p ladders - 20kg - 3/3/3/3/3
alt bent row - 24kg - 5x5 / double front squat - 20kg - 5/4/4/4/3 (after each ladder)
double swings - 2 24kg - 8/rest 1-2 minutes x 15


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Pull-Ups: 41 over five sets, short rest

BB Press: 3x [165x1]-[145x5]

Hammer Curls: few sets between pressing

Long Cycle: 10 min, 8x5 done Staley style


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PTTP, final day of a cycle

Bench: 3x160, 5x145 (had hit my 5-rep high of 155 last session)

DL: 5x245, 5x215

Steve Freides

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Deadlift 280 lb. on 2-1/4 inch platform x 4, 5, 5 @ 153 @ 58 years young.




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T bar swings@30k, 20 reps

pushups, commando style, 10 reps

AMRAP for 15 mins, managed 9 rds, ie 180 swings, 90 pushups

then super set

sprint 40m, 5x1

chinups, 5x3


Mark Limbaga

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7 sets 3 reps of the strong program in kettlebell strong.  Some barbell front squats gtg style a few sets of double kb complexes


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Had to break from the Bear--not ashamed to admit it was just too much at this time. Having a newborn wake you up every hour or two isn't conducive to good sleep and recovery. No excuses, though. Just didn't prepare adequately this round.

That said, just a week and a half of this (10-15 sets deadlift, 10 sets overhead press) did add considerable size to my back and shoulders. My wife can point her index finger into the space between my erectors and lose her second knuckle; she was impressed. I am too, for that matter. Can't wait to reorganize and do it again, properly.

For today, 10 sets of 5 overhead press, 5 sets of 5 superslow, deadhang pullups to the chest. Trying to grease that groove again while I take a short break from the big moves. Some of the men in the gym smirk when I only do 5. Minutes later, I catch them on the bar unable to squeeze out one rep with strict form. Kip baby, kip! ;)

Lukas Luko

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Tommorow i ended week with Naked Warrior so now 2 days off from it.

Today first week of Mark Swing Program. 220 total swings in 30 mins with 16kg kettlebell. Great workout, feel so much power and energy!


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( Yesterday) PM Min Getups

PR 2= right 2= left 32kg

Bit shakey on the lunge to stand transition on the left side, room for improvement on both Getups, but the bell went up overall safely.

10Mins Getups alternate arms each rep 24kg

( Today)

PM swings 24kg bell

Man maker swings 12 mins alternate jobs on the spots with sets of 20 swings.

Isometric stretching hips 2 reps hamstreings 2 reps

Job Done!

( Tomorrow)

Get killed when i go for a six mile run with my marathon running mate. :)


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aaron, was that 10min of 24kg TGU hard?

yeseterday: (30lb TGU x 5+5, 30 lb 2 arm 1 leg DL x 5+5)x2, (bp 6x145, chinup x 6) x3


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Been doin the PM min.   I built up to the 24kg Bell. Then Ive been using the 24kg bell for Getups and swings for the last 3 months. I started with 5 mins and slowly built up to 10miins, to 15 then 20mins. So generally im Comfortable with the 24kg bell now cause ive put the time in.

When First used 24 was sore after 1 getup each side. Now can do 20mins with no soreness. Its about gradually and slowly introducing the neuromuscular system to the bell and a slowly progressing.


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P.S if its hard then you know youve bitten off more than you can chew and youve not built up to it. Wasnt hard!


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Thanks for the compliment Dan, anyone can do it if they put the time in. I dont count my reps.  I flow. Ill do a rep right. Then slowly do a rep with the left. If I need a minute or several between right and left reps  I give it myself. Nice steady, calm and relaxed, no rush, just me and the bell.  Its very relaxing! :)
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