Post your last Session!


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Goblet Squats 2 x 5 (24kg)

1 x 3 ( 32kg)

PM MIN man maker swings 12 mins ( 32kg)

Isometric stretching

Hip flexor stretch

Modified hamstring stretch ( with 24kg bell)

Horse stance groin stretch

( Repeated for 2 cycles, Plenty of rest between reps)

Fun session! :)


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Today was 10 minutes of get ups with the 16kg. I did 5 minutes with the 24kg but today I just couldn't get it. I switched up the bell and did the 10 minutes. Then I did the manmaker for 15 minutes with a little crawling and rocking ala Original Strength. I'm doing 40 reps with each swing set. I do 10 2 handed, each hand single and then back to 2 handed.

Mike Lindner SFG II

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1. Double Snatches x 5
2. Double Clean and Press x 5
3. Double Front Squats x 5
5 rounds with 2’ rest between rounds

Double 20kg's the whole way through. I think that's my weight for this program going forward.


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Pat Flynn's double clean and press and squats 16kg 10 sets of five reps. And some resets from Original Strength.


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KB Swings 24KG x10  and KB TGU 12KG x 1/1 repeat for 12mins non stop




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AM - 2 mile walk with dog - 4 x 100 to 150 yard sprints.

once home:  24kg (swingsx50, arm bar 10seconds, TGU)x3

PM - 1 mile swim

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