Power to the Pickle!!! (and Vodka)

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Day 1

135 x 5

105 x 5 x 10 sets

5 x 15 sets

Dips 25 lbs-6 x 3 sets, Band ys, rear delts, rows, side bends

Press felt solid but almost passed out during a set from holding breath the whole set. Worked for me on deads to not let out any air but after the clean and 3 presses got light headed on first warmup set of 105 before my top set. Took my time before and got some tight breaths in top set.

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Day 3+4 rest and light mobility/flow

Day 5
Bench Press
205 x 4,3,3

Incline D-bell press, dumbbell rows, rear felt flies, curls, extensions

lost a bit of weight. Stressful work week and even thanksgiving didn’t bring the lost lbs. bench suffered. The only thing MU brnch seems to need...is a high volume of upper body work and weight gain. Duly noted.

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Day 6

375 x 5

Giant circuit
dips-8, 10, 10
D-bell inc rows- 25 lbs x 20, 20, 15
K.B.RDLs on box- 2 x 53 kbs x 15,15,15

Desds still going strong on the cycle. Calories and accessory work need to be increased. Upper body trained more frequently. Hamstrings feeling it during deadlift warmups. Some high rep work for them and a bit more warmup next time.

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Haven’t updated in a while since I’m in the process of moving to France, which has proven to be quite a demanding task believe it or not. Here’s current.

session 1
Press -140 x 3
Plus assistance

Session 2
Box squat 355 x3
High bar narrow stance squat-225 x10 x 3 sets

Session 3
Board Press 2 inch board
235 x 1 x 5 sets, 225 x 3 x 3 sets
D-bell presses and rows.

notes-press very hard after dL day
Squat still bothered by hip, box squat doesn’t hurt at all as box is a bit above parallel. May need to use a different assistance lift like goblet or belt squats as high bar was murderous.
Board press inspires confidence in my pressing as the board is quite small. The 235 singles got easier as I did more and found better eccentric control, which makes all the difference in my bench. Found I can feel my upper back working better on one arm rows as opposed to doing both arms simultaneously.

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Many days of dormancy then

Day (?)

Power Snatch
135 x 3 x 3

Sumo Block DL against Green Bands
365 x 2....3 rep…..ouch)

10 x 3 sets

Needed to go to gym. Thought it'd be good. Power snatch took some grooving..first set, 135 found the wrong path and was unstable overhead. Added so e O.H. K.B. squats between sets...worked like a charm. Feel a little unbalance, like my stance or grip are off and shoulders positioned differently, but this may be just my asymmetrical existence. Once again, adding in balance as well as mobility moves pre-lift. Ideally, I'd do my re-charge in the morning and just go lift later, segmenting all my necessary training parts...something to consider.

For some reason, DL against bands with sumo sounded like a good idea. The green bands are pretty strong, but since I'd worked up to 475 x 1 on sumo block pull, I'd figured it'd be easy...wrong. First warmup was easy...doesn't mean it was good, others followed and I just jumped so high in weights...only two warmup sets on a lift I hadn't locked in,...stupid...back gave out on rep 3...then I could barely walk/stand or sit. My lumbars tightened and ANY rounding froze me...pullups were all I could do following...stupid but you have to learn I guess.

Day 2

Stumbled into work, barely able to get my socks on in the morning. Bending over was a nightmare...what do I do at work? Bend over and pick up heavy boxes....no sympathy from my boss and I need the money...badly now more than ever. After having to squat perfectly straight to do anything requiring what I'd usually just bend over for (my fellow coworker wo lifts commented "Nice form! Look at how straight that back is!" while I drank at the water fountain) my back loosened up. There was a dull pain for quite some time, and lack of ability to move much of my torso. As the day progressed, it got better, but sitting down was just hellacious.

Training-decided to repair my back and do R.E. upper work

Sun Stretches, Single Leg DL, suitcase DL's (back felt great after)
K.B. neck ext (tied a band around a K.B. and did somewhat like squat extensions with band behind neck, clasped by hands)

R.E. Upper
Plyo Pushup- x 5, 5
Kneeling Y's

K.B. Floor Press
53 lbs.
L:30 R:26
R:20 L:20

K.B. Row
53 lbs. x 20, (way more than 20 but lost count)

Band work for upper back + cooldown
Windmills x 3 (45 lbs. K.B.), Prying Goblets x 5

A great workout done at home with just three tools. I decided to fix myself as a warmup. I've had a cranky neck, frozen lower back, anterior hip pain, knees that crack when I squat (sometimes) and ankles that were too weak...The warmup helped everything feel better. After this session, my back felt superb and bending over was no problem. I must say, the whole rest thing seems counterproductive...your body gets used to what you subject it to...so if my back is stiff, what good does not moving it do? After hurting myself, bending over to pick something up and not being able to bend over afterwards, how did I get better? By bending over and picking things ups...properly.

Left and right still a bit unbalanced in pressing...may always be this way. Did my left hand first as a challenge to give my right hand a goal...I was also quite winded after that so that may have fatigued my system as there wasn't much rest between each set. Unilateral work makes you work for twice as long... so I did less sets. Rows had me envisioning that I was helping to pull someone up from a potential death situation, like up a mountain or off a train track with the engine racing in...helped me put a little more oomph into each rep, Kroc row style. I liked it. Some nice easy "stretch lifts" to cool myself down.

Pondered the idea of max effort lifts with light weights, seems they'd be more similar to "grinds" as pavel would say. These would be lifts that would have to have leverage changes like going from a K.B. B.U. clean and hold, to K.B. B.U. press with the 53 lbs. K.B....which would be pretty great I think. I suppose a pistol for the lower body would be the best "lift" to train in such a way, as any type of DL, even one hand and one leg, isn't too challenging with these weights. Swings would take up the PC training. But when I move to Paris, it'd be nice to have low tech options like a K.B. to train with along with my bands and BW. I'll definitely bring my bands and, hopefully, my body.
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Good to hear your back got better. I agree with the rest vs. moving for healing things up. It aligns with my experience, but I'm no medical authority.

What's your schedule like with the move?

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Good to hear your back got better. I agree with the rest vs. moving for healing things up. It aligns with my experience, but I'm no medical authority.

What's your schedule like with the move?
Thanks @Antti ! Me neither, but I think after sometime training, a lot of folks who are active can intuitively sense what their bodies needs, at certain times. For untrained folks, following a medical professionals advice is probably wise.

I'm moving in early January, very soon. Still much to do before then!

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Haven’t updated in a while. Just past week. Back to full body training as gym visits sporadic. Injuries abound but not affected by current training. Conditions improved. Hip and back but getting better in both.

day 1
10 sets of 3

bench press-185
Chin-ups - bw + 45 lbs.
Front Squat Reverse Lunge-155 per leg
Hammer curls- 40 lbs x 5 x 3 sets

day 2
25 x 2 sets
Single Arm row- 35 lbs.
Single Arm OH press - 35 lbs.
D-bell RDLS- 2 x 25 lbs
Band Presssowns

day 3 rest

Day 4
6 x 3 sets

Single arm DB high pull - 65 lbs.
Single arm incline press - 65 lbs.
Zercher squat 185 lbs
HKT ( hanging knee tucks)
Side bends -115 lbs barbell x 6 x 2 sets
Lying KB TRI EXT - 45 lbs x 6 x 2 sets

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Day 5 rest

day 6 up to 50 reps bw
Dips 15,15,10,10
Chins (neutral grip) 10 x 5 sets
Single leg lunge 4 x 10 w/ 2 x 25 lbs KB
Reverse Hypers - infinity

day 7
10 x 3

Chins - supinate w/ 55 lbs. KB
bench 195
Zercher Squat 3 x 5 sets @ 275, 3 x 5 sets @ 245

Day 8
25 x 2 sets

single arm row - 55 lbs.
Single arm o.h. Press-45 lbs. KB
Dumbbell RDL - 2 x 25 lbs. KB
Band TRI Ext

squatting improved enough to do zercher a. Easiest Heavy squat for spine and hips FS still off with over 135. Zercher killed arms though. Very painful friction. Bar rolled on firearm a bit so dropped wright and did them off rack/ dead stop style. May use FS on 4 x 6 day next rotation, after 3 weeks on same exercises. Back squat feels good with just the bar and deadlifting may be in again in few weeks.

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So far, I’ve been doing Naked Warrior training since coming. As of this move, $ is very tight and joining a gym/eating/survival in general are indeed rough. However, having no gym is no excuse not to train! I’ve run/walked miles a day. I’ve done pull-ups on bus stop ceilings and pistols and OAPs on benches. Certain bike racks make ample dip stations where I’ve practiced l-sits, dips and tuck planches. I’ve discovered many outdoor workout parks nearby, so it seems calisthenics will make up most of my training for the time being. I will checkout the SF gym near the river soon, although I fear it may extend pass my price range but perhaps I can find work here soon on top of my school packed schedule.

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A lot of pistol and OAP work.

pistols- to bench, off ledge, low sidewalk
OAP- various objects at around waist to knee height and one set x 3 at mid shin

ran again because I feel I must for some reason. Went to a workout park at night along the Seine River where the Statue of Liberty replica was. Ran into a fella doing pull-ups and asked if I may join. I did a set of 8 and he decided at was a good enough level to train with him. He asked if I wanted to perform ladders. It’s a small world and I petered out at the 6th rung! So I did about 30 total but in short amount of time. I think the majority of my training will be grinds and explosives. Also found immovable rocks by the river to practice DL wedges and isometrics. This brought me joy that I found something to attempt to DL. A few times I passed it, and the 3rd time...it just ever so slightly moved...like Captain America moving Thor’s Hammer.

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Have continued gymnastics training in GTG style and concentrated sessions. Got a little creative at the park and made a “barbell” from a pipe with which I stuck the 2 26 kg plates on either end it. The pipe is thick, making a good grip challenge but hard to judge the weight. Maybe 5-10 kg. Right arm OAP getting stronger and left leg pistols as well. Aside practicing those throughout the day, my concentrated park session looked like so.

Circuit 1 x 3
Front Lever Tuck hold
Headstand you’re Handstand press practice
Pistol Squat x 3 per leg
L-sit Leg raises to hold x 3

Barbell + 50 kg
Single leg DL x 3 per leg
Clean + Push Press x 5,5
Clean to back squat x 10

Farmers walk around park w/ plates
Wrestlers bridges and stretches

Odd I feel no excess fatigue from daily practice but maybe it’s from walking everywhere and staying far from failure on everything, seeing as my duet is minimal + wine and cheese!

I’ve also worked onone arm chins doing lock offs with one arms and slow eccentrics. Planche practice and tucks have also been present and I always find myself searching for creative ways to manipulate my environment for training. I love walking the city.

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Fixed barbell practice

Push Press 5 x 3 sets
Single leg SGDL 5 x 3 sets

Gymnastics 3 rounds
Lever Hold
Planche Hold
Pistol Squats x 5

Wrestlers bridge then stretching.

Abs get a killer workout every time. The fat pipe I use as a barbell work the forearms thoroughly. Front lever is seeing great improvement in hold time. Need to find ways to make the 135 lbs barbell “heavier”.

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Single Arm Straddle Deadlift-135 x 5, 5, 3
Close Grip Incline Press 5 x 3 sets
Hack Squat-5 x 3 sets

4 rounds
One Arm Chin Negatives 1 x arm
Handstand Pushups on Wall-5 x 3 sets

Glute Ham Negs on bar- x 3
Wrestlers Bridge x long set

Various Planche holds throughout city...walking...20k steps average for the week.

Today was an interesting day. I had trouble suitcase deadlifting or one arm deadlifting to the front the 135 "fat pipe" I use as a barbell last time. Tried the straddle position an dit worked much better. Hard to balance the pipe sometimes though. Tension helps. Some kids showed up to the park. They asked me if the bar was heavy and I said, see for yourself. The first young man eagerly tried with one arm, then two, then tried to zercher deadlift it when he found his grip wasn't strong enough. then a second lad ran up and they both tried to deadlift it together, then a third boy and forth until the finally hoisted it together and swung it around gleefully before a guardian came over and told them to watch their feet! It made me smile a bit. Hack squats on toes, hackenschmidt style, were incredibly hard. Incline close grip was a bit tough too as the grip was pretty darn close, narrower then torso length. I made it incline by lying on a small ramp. Practiced my gymnastics after. Despite my grip being a bit fried from single arm fat bar work, the one arm negatives are feeling strong. I can lower slowly until just about parallel, then my strength gives quickly. However, in time, I will be able to do a slow negative...onward to a one arm chin...I expect this will take quite some time.

Practiced handstands on the ground, pressing from a headstand. It was windy, and my ability to hold a handstand is near non-existent. The pressing up is fine, but my torso sways. Came to a full handstand press on one, then toppled. Did 3 sets against the wall, which feel very strong. Glute ham raises were more like negatives, as I pressed myself off the ground and braced my heels on a bar that was probably a foot off the ground. I felt my hammies screaming all ready. Did my wrestlers bridge up on the neck and experimented with some more barbell work.

I decided to trek out later in the night to find some more plates. These 26 kg plates are scattered in many locations. I made it my mission, in my loneliness, to haul a couple to the park for more plates and heavier lifting. I found two...of considerable distance. So I had quite a farmer's carry workout. I was somewhat incognito, carrying these plates. I was not sure if city ordinance would allow such a thing, if I were caught. naturally, I received many odd looks, which is something I've grown accustomed to in Paris, lifting this barbell at the park and just eing here in general. My first plate was a long walk and i couldn't tell the distance...the second I can tell the distance. From Metro Bir-hakiem to Pont Grenelle is 850 meters...it was a little beyond this, maybe by 40-50 meters. My arms were certainly fired after these two trips.

Since coming to Paris, I've felt somewhat at a loss. I've been alienated...I don't feel connected to people or places like I thought I would. At certain times, this has been depressing. Powerlifting and weight training in general seem non-existent here. Gyms are littered with machines, cardio kickboxing classes, etc. People look at me strangely all the time, whether I'm lifting, or just walking down the street. I feel very alone most of the time. I meet people often, and we have a good time but make no lasting friendships or connections. They come and go, like passengers on a metro. It saddens me to be in such solitude constantly. My French is far from superb, though some have said I speak it well. I hope things come around. Walking with these plates at night made me feel like I'm on a quite lonely path....but seeing those kids smile gave me a bit of hope. Maybe there is a reason I'm here. I hope I find it soon. At least I heave 104 kg worth of plates now.
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