Power to the Pickle!!! (and Vodka)

Philippe Geoffrion

Level 6 Valued Member
Day 1

A1) Press: 135 x 3,3,3, 8
A2) Chins x 10, 10, 10, 15

B1)Pyramid Squat 52 kgs x 10,10, 10

C1) Band Ys, face pulls, Rows, Curls

Goo d press day. This lift has moved very well, but it’s also had two first days in a row but this is a big, PR, I think my best before France was 135 x 6. Chins felt good with supine grip. Pyramid squat is just standing on plates and holding the weights like a sumo DL but maintaining an upright posture. LEGO weights are held in hands for these. More pulling work with bands , including curls because they make my slightly banged up elbows feel good.

Philippe Geoffrion

Level 6 Valued Member
Day 1

Squat(low bar)
135 x 5, FS 135 x 5, OHS 135 x3

240 x 3,3,3
x 14 Top Set

OAP 3x 3
Band Rows 20 x 5 sets
Bridges, HKR

Two days off and good squat session. Wanted 15 but got tired. Hard to say what gives out first. I don’t have a belt anymore so maybe it’s the core needs work. Reviewing the video, my hips, knees and torso extend simultaneously with no hint of good morning-ing the bar. Quad work paying off. Don’t know when I’ll try the 355-365 (3 plates). I think I still need to zercher it and up my front squat a tad as there’s no spotters or racks. I must be 💯 certain of making it.

Trying to think of using the LEGO weights somehow to add a 5th plate but it’d have to be on my back where the bar is racked, which makes no sense. The top set was exhausting and it took me sometime to get to the assistance work.

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