Other Practice frequency: 5 or 7 times a week?

Sean M

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IMO this fits into the discussion about how many S&S days you need quite well.
After all TGUs are also part of S&S. :)

I just went over it and actually you're not lifting 80+% in the 70-80% range. It's just ~30%.
You do 30-32 total lifts per week (I'll take 32 for the following).
16 light lifts (55-65%) -> 50%
10 medium lifts (75%) -> 31.25%
6 heavy lifts (85-90%) -> 18.75%

We need to establish a common definition of "working weight" to figure this out.
Do you mean your S&S working weight?
Because the way I think of it your S&S working weight actually is in the 70-80% of 1RM range.
Think of this: You just completed Simple and start to work on the 40. You can complete only 1 rep per side -> the 40 is your 1RM.
Do you consider the 40 or the 32 your working weight?
For the TGU routine your weight selection would look like this:
Light - 24 / Medium - 32 / Heavy - 36
Based on what you personally consider the "working weight" your number of lifts at the working weight will differ.
Did you define the 40 as the working weight? Then you don't even lift it once.
Did you chose the 32? Then you lift your working weight ~30% of the time.

Btw figuring this out might be hard, simply for the fact that TGUs (because of their super long reps) don't follow the usual guidelines and recommendations for weekly/monthly volume and intensity.
The light day for example uses doubles. There's certainly a difference between doing just 16 single lifts at that weight or doing 8 doubles.
At the time I thought of it as: I can only do 1 getup/side at a time with 32kg, needing 3+ minutes before another go. So I considered that my 1RM. 24kg is 75% (and could maybe do 2/side without a break), 16kg is 50% (and could do 4-5/side continuous). So, 3 reps of 30/week was 100%, 10 of 30 at 75%, 16 of 30 at 50%. So that’s an average intensity of 64% or so, with ~87% of reps in the 50-75% range.

Versus 30 reps (3x 10-rep sessions) at 100% which wore me the heck out. Somehow that base of 50-75% intensity nudged up my strength with the heavier bell - I was able to get all 5 reps per side in one session, and then able to rest less until all under 10:00, after several weeks of the H/M/L structure.


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@Kettlebelephant yes, the calculation of working weights is not easy. In my case, I can do 1 decent rep with 32 kg, so I take that as my 1RM. Therefore:

- Heavy day 90% => 29 kg. I dont have a 28, so I´d attach 2x2.5 kg to a 24.
- Medium day 75% => 24 kg. Awesome.
- Light day: 21 kg: If I had a 16, I´d attach 2x2.5 plates to it. I´ll have to get a 16 and get rid of my ugly plastic 14 kg KB.


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- Heavy day 90% => 29 kg. I dont have a 28, so I´d attach 2x2.5 kg to a 24.
- Medium day 75% => 24 kg. Awesome.
- Light day: 21 kg: If I had a 16, I´d attach 2x2.5 plates to it. I´ll have to get a 16 and get rid of my ugly plastic 14 kg KB.
Yes, you kind of need the 4Kg-step KBs to really make this work...
For every heavy day you'd need to tape the plates to your KB and then two days later you'd have to get off all the tape to use the 24 for the medium day and then next week do the same etc.
That's a lot of taping and untaping for you.
Do you have double 24s so you can leave the plates and tape on one?
Or you could handle it like @Sean M and use the 32 for heavy days, 24 for medium and 16 for light.
Obviously it worked for him. :)

Steve Freides

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@Oscar, you don't have to do all reps on a given day with the same weight. You could have a day on which you do a single w/ the 32 and the rest w/ a 24 or a 16. If a 16, you could try doing multiple reps on one side, e.g.

16 kg x 1
24 kg x 1
32 kg x 1
24 kg x 1, 1, 1

That's 6 each side.


Michael Scott

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Y'all think to much for me. I work out 5-6 days a week right now. I know i am only using the 16 kg kettlebell, but I find this to be optimum for me right now. Even when I was using the 24 kg kettlebell, I felt like 5 days was perfect for me, due to my schedule at the time. With my current schedule, 5 is still very doable, 6 times a week if I adjust my work schedule.

Yeah, I am a bit of a fanatic. I enjoy coming downstairs, turning on some music, and getting after it. When I get back up to the 24 kg, I may change my mind. But, to me, if I have done it right this time, 5 should still be ideal, with 6 being a bonus.


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Before restarting judo I could do S&S nearly every day, but after restarting judo it's about 3 times a week that I do S&S.


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From what I gather three days a week is about the minimum and obviously six to seven is the max. Would the inclusion of farmers walks factor into the number of days? I was doing three days a week and waving my walks in the heavy light medium weights. I was thinking about going to a four day week with S&S as it seems people make more progress with it over less days


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Currently doing S&S with 24kg 6-7x a week.

I am going to start to include 1 rest day, because after 3-4 weeks I started noticing power dropping. Haven't gotten injured yet, so its also a good ounce of prevention.
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