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Discussion in 'News, How-To's, and FAQ's' started by m_harv_colorado, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. m_harv_colorado

    m_harv_colorado Still New to StrongFirst Forum all are awesome. I gave up on message boards years ago as not very helpful invitations to be insulted...This is an amazing response. I appreciate all the input from everyone and the details @Anna C

    I think I already knew the answer to my question but I was needing some reassurance that I was headed down the right path. I am going to get a 24kg KB and work on "owning" a little more weight.

    Thanks again.
  2. Tex1972

    Tex1972 Double-Digit Post Count

    Yep i agree too. This is the best Strength and Fitness forum on the web bar none. I have spent so much time just looking around this site, reading threads and is an absolute goldmine of information and there is always someone on hand to offer advice. You guys should be proud.
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  3. somanaut

    somanaut More than 300 posts

    Couldn't agree more. And I would go further and state that, I wish all online communities were like these forums, regardless of the subject matter. And I am even more impressed since SF is a company a business. How such a high standard of forum etiquette and blog posts can exist I still don't understand.
  4. damogari

    damogari Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    That's my first post so I just want to say hello :)
    I really appreciate the knowledge and kindness of people on this forum and hope that some day I will belong to StrongFirst community :)
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  5. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Senior Instructor

    @somanaut, thank you for saying that - these things are always very much appreciated.

    The high standard is simple to understand and comes from our founder - behave like a lady or a gentleman.

    Although you don't see much of what goes on behind the scenes, I do enforce that standard as needed by a variety of means, including reviewing the first few posts of every new forum member. I also do talk to our forum members, both in a thread and privately, if I feel something is getting close to or has already crossed the line. Once in a while I remove something that's been posted by a forum member but that's pretty rare. (Spammers never get to become regular members - they and their content get deleted before you ever see it.)

    I also read, albeit sometimes pretty quickly, every post in the forum. The only exception I make is for training logs because there typically aren't as many questions, and where everyone knows - I hope - that they can tag me if they need my input, and use the Report button if they feel something inappropriate has been posted.

    That's why you don't see bad things.

    You see so many good things because of you, our forum's members - it's that simple. It's only good because of the good things people post here - no good posts means no good forum.

    I also adjust the forum's structure from time to time to reflect our current needs.

    A big "thank you" goes to @StrongestXen, without whose help I'd have been lost many times. If I am keeping a light hand on the steering wheel, Tom (@StrongestXen) is the mechanic who keeps the ship watertight and the engine running smoothly.

    Last but not least, we are all here because StrongFirst's HQ staff - @EricFrohardt, @CMarker, @Nikki, and company, realize what an important thing the forum is in creating an online community of strength. This community helps spread the word about the importance of strength, which is why we do what we do at StrongFirst in the first place - to make the world a stronger place.

  6. Billy59

    Billy59 Double-Digit Post Count

    +1. So far, I've never even bothered asking any questions, because I find the answers in active threads. Including a couple of questions I didn't know I needed to ask!
  7. Faisal

    Faisal More than 300 posts

    Totally agree with all of above, I stop by this forum several times a day to see what is happening and forever learning amazing things from all the contributors who truly love helping others in this wonderful global community of strength. Thank you everyone.
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  8. Abdul-Rasheed

    Abdul-Rasheed Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I echo what @Faisal said. Kudos to Steve and everyone else who make this forum truly unique. Such amazing melting point of talents and experience.
  9. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    Agreed. StrongFirst Forum rocks - ladies & gentlemen only. Period.
  10. Shahaf Levin

    Shahaf Levin Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    +1 for that
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  11. crazycanuck

    crazycanuck Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Agree with everything said above, 10 times over!! I am a moderator on a facebook page, and I know how much hard work it is to keep on top of things, so I greatly admire all the behind the scenes people who keep this place running so smoothly.

    I love how everyone has each other's back here, cheers each other on, provides constructive helpful critique while still pointing out the good and the great. And everyone is so darn friendly, unlike a lot of places on the net fitness-wise that just dissolve into who's right and pettiness.

    Support is so important, even if it is cyber-space. Especially when no one around in your real life circle exercises and would know what those "cattle-balls" are for LOL! I know that I would have not been still doing S&S still at this point if not for being able to come here and read the forums. I know it may sound cheesey, but there are many times when I have been performing my practice, and I have thought of all of you who might be doing the same thing....practicing and perfecting your strength, with kettlebells, bodyweight, barbell or otherwise. Gives me a kinship feeling that helps a lot.
  12. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    THE forum is the members.
  13. pet'

    pet' More than 5000 posts


    I totally agree with all the posts above. As we can read it in the title, that is a place for "Ladies and Gentlemen only". It is always comforting to see it is true.

    In my opinion, StrongFirst Forum is one of the very few "places" where you can always find great people ready to help you whatever your questions, goals or constraints are. All threads are respectufully written, with plenty of good information. It is unique in terms of experiences.

    It is a forum which matches very well a long term strength approach, with good health and performance. There is no unrealistic expectations about results. I consider this Forum to truely focuses on "real life training". I really enjoy this approach, both humble and efficient.

    Thanks to this place, I finally got a structured and efficient routine, with a lot of good advices. As I am getting older, and also get stronger and wiser. I am sure all these threads helps me to "accomplish myself".

    So, thanks to the Staff and all the Members. I hope we will get stronger together for some time to come !

    Kind regards,

  14. MarkSch

    MarkSch More than 300 posts

    I'd just like to chime in and also thank the staff and members for making this the single best place on the Web for advice and feedback. I've received many direct, specific for training questions over the years (it's been that long??) , and they have always helped my practice. It's borderline unbelievable that so many distinguished experts are giving away hard-earned wisdom for free, but it's true.
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  15. Jan

    Jan More than 500 posts


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