Pressed the 32, but...


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So yesterday, after a week off from training due to a little infection I decided to get the 32kg bell out in the back garden, right hand clean and then strict press, fairly easy... Never pressed it before.... Switched hands and failed...frustratingly.

So I spent half hour or so push pressing and controlling the negative while throwing some pull ups in.

Will the push presses help me strict press on the left?


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Based on own experience; yes, eventually, but you also need to learn how to stay "tight", breathe through the shield, etc.


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Turkish get-ups (32kg or heavier) and Clean and press with a pause at the stickingpoint (less than 32kg) is good methods for increasing your pressing strength. For the "getting-tight-part", Buttom up clean and press as well as Hard style breathing will help you tense up all the right parts at the right time.

Best regards, Henke in Sweden


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Press what you can press, pushpress what you can't press, jerk what you can't pushpress.

You will get stronger in the press by pushpressing, just remember the technique is a bit different between the two.


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Good timing on the thread. I'm curious whether anyone has used seated presses to good effect?


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For me personally, when I started with KB presses I couldn't press a 32 with my left at all.

Doing the ROP with a 24 kg all the way to 5 ladders of 1,2,3,4,5 fixed that problem in a few months or so. I went to being unable to press the 32 at all to being able to press it 2-3 times after the ROP with a 24 kg.

I know that I get impatient and want to achieve goals or see improvements faster but from what I've seen and heard, strength is a slow grind. If you're not patient you're going to hurt yourself, (like I did... rotator cuff issues due to going too heavy too quick), get frustrated, give up, or move on to other programs and and slow yourself down even more.

I think other people's advice; push presses, jerks, TGUs are all great advice as well. But maybe you should also consider pressing the next bell down (24 or 28kg) and focus on good solid form and technique. Doing this will get you there with focus, dedication, and patience.

Like it says in ETK, "if you want to press a lot, press a lot..."


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YC, push presses most likely will not help but mess up your start. Read the free supplement to ETK.
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