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I accomplished the above program and nailed the goal of swinging and getup's with the 48kg. I almost died of boredom and dread of boredom in the process. Almost. Felt no health benefits and noticed no athlete pursuit benefits in the process. Nothing magical happened. felt the same as when I was snatching the 32kg violently.

Switched gears to an A+A program which was structured as followed
3-4 days a week
Warmup - Jump rope 100+, Halos 5/5, Windmill 5/5 Bootstrappers 10, Cossacks 5/5, arm bar 5-10sec
Getups heavy 1-2 per side
Snatch A+A 5EMOM

Pullups/ Chinups 1-2 sets Comfortable Max
Pushups 1-2 sets
Bulgarians or step ups 1-2 sets
Jack knife pushups 1-2 sets

Off days
3-4 days a week
Run 30-60min or pack walk 60-90min in HR (never even come close in pack walking HR) coupled with yoga.

Finished the above at a BW of 207 with RHR of 49.


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After a few weeks of basic barbell lifting and odd and end training sessions I decided to revisit a program laid out by Pat MaCnamara called "Combat Strength Training." After purchasing his program manual I failed to grasp how to set the training sessions up coherently. The manual sat on my home screen but the program kept pulling at the back of my mind. This is my attempt to stay true to his principals while making sense of the sessions.

Basic goal is to have training days focused at different attributes of athleticism. Power. Strength. Speed/Quickness. Hypertrophy. Where I veered from the program was his direction to set every training day up as circuits to be done "in anaerobic chunks to near metabolic threshold to meet an aerobic goal."

I wanted to keep my power in power day, my strength in strength day, and the speed/quickness in those days... I felt I needed more rest to accomplish those goals. I simply added in steady state days to maintain my aerobic function.

Full disclaimer. This program is "busy" and has a lot of moving parts. Much more than are needed for similar results. Has been fun up to this point (on week 3)

Session 1 POWER
5-6rounds new round every 3min
circuit 1
Power Clean 1-5
Jump Pushups 5-10
MB Slam 5-10

circuit 2
Jump Pullups 5-10
Jump Squat or Lunge 5-10
Bag o body Parts or KB Uppercuts 6-10 total

Boxing 2rds hard 30sec on 2min rest
Ab Wheel to comfortable max
Neck 25 Front, L/R side, Back

Session 2
Jog 45-60min in HR zone

Session 3 STRENGTH
Back Squats

Weighted Dips
Weighted Chinups

Side Band Twists 10-20total
Jack knife Pushups 2x Comfortable max
Sandbag Carry Far (10min)

Sprints (straight and Shuttle 1600m-2400m total) 1:4-5 work rest ratio
Cartwheels L/R


Obstacle course 1-3x

Session 5
Jog 45-60min in HR

Standing press + Dips + Lateral raise + Hold

Goblet Squat + Sissy Squat + 1/2 weight Goblet Squat + Hold

Chinups + Inverted Row + Crush grip Curl + Hold

Weighted Pushups + Dand Pushup + Pushups + Hold

GHD situp + front Plank + Side Plank L/R + Reverse Plank

Session 7
Jog 45-60min
Static Stretch

Warmup is 100-200 Jump Ropes, Halo 5/5, Bootstrapper squats 5, Windmill 5/5, Cossack squats 5/5, arm bar 5-10sec.

Jogs are 120-150BPM nasal breathing only

Strength follows a 3/5/1 Format

Power day - Power cleans Follow TB operator Layout. Usually a cluster takes 1min to accomplish with 2min of rest.

Hypertrophy do 3 movements 40-60sec work rest 20-30sec +1 Static Hold at a sticking point. Do movements back to back one time through.
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