Problems with main site


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Hey moderators/admims,

I noticed the main SF site with all the articles is unusually often down/not aviable lastly.
Is it just me/my browser?


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Yes, the forum works fine.
When there is a link to an article on the SF site it does not work.

Bret S.

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@Steve Freides , @StrongestXen,
Sometimes when logging on to the main site I'll have to try a few times, I get a notice about the site not responding or something similar. Next time I'll note it more specifically.

Tobias Wissmueller

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Things I would check on server side:
- is CPU running high
- is memory running low / lots of swapping / memory leaks
- high disk interaction, e.g. lots of logging happening in the background, too many open file handles
- maybe web server needs some fine tuning regarding instance creation / spawning, which also leads to next point ...

On load balancer / firewall side:
- unusual high traffic -> (D)DOS attack
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