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Steve Freides

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Profile posts have at least two accepted uses. One is what I always assumed, a way for someone to say, "Hey, I'll be away from the forum for a few days," or "here's my personal web site," or other personal-type announcement.

A second use is as a public form of interpersonal communication, e.g., you leave a message on someone else's profile post to start a conversation, ask a question, comment, etc. In looking over profile posts, I've noticed that many (perhaps even most) profile posts used in this second manner end up going unanswered - the recipient simply doesn't respond, and perhaps for as simple a reason as that they don't even know profile posts exist.

I encourage everyone to use the "Inbox" feature here, which I always call "PM" for private message or personal message, for this purpose instead, just because I think you're more likely to get a response. It works similarly to personal messaging on Facebook.

Please also be aware of another way of asking a person a question that doesn't involve profiles posts or personal messages - just start a regular forum thread with your question and, in it, tag that person by using the "@" symbol in front of their username. The tagged person will receive an Alert that says they've been mentioned that includes a clickable link to the thread.

Please do exactly as you wish; these are just suggestions on standard practice so that those of you who are posting unanswered profile messages might be more likely to find what you're looking for.

Thanks very much.

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