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Hoping to get some advice

I am 51 and 180 pounds

Currently I am doing S&S 3-4 times per week with 32 Kg. (Usually in AM) - T/TH/FR/Sun

I do Faleev/Pavel 80/20 5 days per week in the evenings M thru Fr
M- Heavy Squat (Max out at 250)
T- Heavy Bench (Max out at 205)
W DL (Max out at 325)
Th-Light Squat
Fr- Light Bench (usually do 25-30 pull ups also)

I do the the Faleev for about 8-10 weeks then start over - I have done it 3 times thus far and I use 5 min rests between sets.

I would like to change things up a bit...

Was thinking Q&D x 3 months then go back to S&S

Is it reasonable to cycle between the 2 programs ?
Should I change the Faleev to something else for a while then go back?

Thank you for any responses
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