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Matt Williams

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I keep seeing something on a lot of threads referred to as A+A, seems like it's a protocol for swings or other ballistics. I was just looking for details, was wondering if it could be used for S&S swings. Thanks


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I'l leave you with this summary from @Steve W. :
Anti-glycolytic Training -- HELP!

In short S&S is kind of A+A, but A+A generally goes for fewer reps and more sets than S&S.
I could go into more detail, but I think Steve did a very good job of explaining the guidelines.

A lot of people coming off the A+A test protocols used by @aciampa reported improvements in their S&S swing performance and before you ask - no, those protocols are finished and closed and you can't participate anymore.

Steve Freides

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@Kettlebelephant, both @aciampa's shorter sets and S&S' sets of ten are intended to minimize the use of the glycolytic energy system. Both are rightly termed "A+A" as used here at StrongFirst, at least based on my understanding of the terms involved.

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