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Hello comrades,

i finished my last programm last week and right now i am looking for a new one to do. What's important is that it helps me improve my strenght and conditioning. In addition it needs to be short and based on bodyweight movements.

My states:
pistol +24 kg 1 rep
oapu 1 rep
weighted pull up 24 kg 1 rep
Full bridge push ups for reps
3 point plank max time 43 seconds
pike push ups 5 reps

Time limit: 40 minutes 3 times a week

What do you suggest? Thanks in advance


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Perhaps you can find some inspiration looking at 'You are your own gym'?
Just my 2 cents....


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Have you looked at original strength or original strength performance?

Spider-Man crawling for 10 min is an incredible bodyweight workout.


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I thought about it gergirl. Do you have experience with it?

Mark, could you be a bit more specific? I never heard of that programm. By whom is it?


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I am now gergirl2, because sth about my account went wrong?!
Anyway, I did YAYOG quite a while. I like M. Lauren and his kind of workouts. I spread in some of his circuits here and there. They give me a good feeling, are well structured and are a good ways to improve steength or conditioning in a short amount of time.
Circuits, timed sets, ladders...many ways to progress in different exercises.
Can totally recommend his book and DVDs. The Efx is...whoa...even well trained people should reach their limits!


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I really liked Never Gymless by Ross Enamait. His book covers plenty of bodyweight strength training (skills like One-arm Push-ups, OA pull-ups, standing ab wheel rollouts, etc), but with a high focus on explosive work and conditioning (it's designed for fighters). His recommended programs are probably a bit higher in time commitment than the 2 hours/week you have, but he gives advice so you can make your own routine.
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