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Hello all,

Right now my training weights are 32kg for the TGU and 24kg for the one hand swing. I will be on holidays for 3 weeks and I can have with me only the 24kg.
Should I modify the program for the TGUs (add more reps or supplement with pushups?) or just do my 10 TGUs with the 24kg and that's it?

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What Nate said. Is it also possible to take the 32 and do 2HS? Or is it a weight limit sort of thing being the reason you can’t take the 32?

Mark Limbaga

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A very good question..

For getups:

If you're confident in your skill you can do multiple reps one day and do super slow getups the other (going extra slow on the first and last step of the getup)

You can compress rest periods for swings or do snatches if you're confident with them
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