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Hi guys. Ive been using a 16kg kettlebell for my overhead tricep extensions for about a year now. I felt it was time to increase and so Ive lately been using the 20kg kb for some of my training. As Im new to the weight, I can only manage ONE rep at a time. I do a total of 20 reps but it involves resting between each rep for about 30 seconds. Am I going to make any progress taking things too slow like this? I start with the kb on the ground. Squat to pick it up with my elbows both touching the inside of my knees and then hook it up overhead. I would appreciate any advice on moving up in weight and Im a 50kg female in my mid 40s so my increments are pretty small.

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Hi @Pinkninja

Ladders might be a good option. Do one rep with the 20kg, then do 2, 3, 4, 5 with the 16kg, or whatever ladder scheme gets your target volume in. Do the 2s with the 20kg when you can, then the 3s, etc.

But the other thing I would recommend is to just do a one-arm kettlebell press instead of overhead tricep extension. Your triceps will get good work, I promise.
You could also do the one rep with the 20 and immediately continue for a few with the 16.

Another option is basically what you're doing but with a little less time between sets, maybe 20 seconds with as many repeats as possible without reaching failure. Call that a set, take a longer rest, and repeat till you hit the totaltarget reps

Yet another approach would be to do what you're doing, but not every session. Fall back on the 16 and increase reps on those days.
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