Progressive Movement Training and bodyweight

Tall guy Andrew

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I have been reading Beyond Bodybuilding, and have recently reread the chapter about 'Progressive Movement Training'. In summary, you can gain squat or bench press strength by lifting heavy with a partial range of motion, and gradually increasing the range of motion. It seemed like pistol squats are trained that way in Naked Warrior, and I was curious if pull ups, and perhaps OAPUs could be trained using the same method and if anyone has had success doing so.


Bro Mo

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Bands and chains are often used for accommodating resistance and may be more useful than partial range training because you maintain the full range motor pattern.

For pull-ups, adding a resistance band to a pull-up bar along with a dip belt with more weight than you can actually do is another method of working on overloading at the top.

Just a band can help improve power out of the hang.
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