Prolonged fasting

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by mikhael, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Coyote

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    Do you guys that do a prolonged fast , say over 24 hours, follow a low carb/keto type diet?
  2. Oscar

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    I just finished a 72 h fast and dont follow low carb or keto diet. I wonder if a keto diet would help with fasting, being more used to it.
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  3. Molson

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    Being a slim guy with little or no fat to burn and working towards Simple, I wonder if IF could jeopardize the process? Or is there nothing to worry about? I’m past the period where I had to have a big calorie surplus to progress to heavier weight, when my appetite went over the charts.

    I’m considering IF for long time health reasons as well as better mental resilience.

    I had been experimenting with 16h fasts a few times, was useful to get trough a demanding day of work in full focus. But I don’t do that on a regular basis.

    Also, had anyone tried the ‘primer 52’ training/diet program by Christian Thibaudeau ?
  4. AgileAntiFragile

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    Can anybody speak to their experience with training during extended fasts? A friend recently turned me on to Cole Robinson and the Snake Diet and it's one of the more novel pieces of media and entertainment I've come across.

    I am a big fan of Thomas Delauer's Youtube content and he is a big believer in the power of extended fasting as a tool. I am just wondering if anyone in this forum has played around with fasts in the 36-72hour range while using SF training, and if there are any personal rules of thumb you have followed or found successful?
  5. Oscar

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    I did a 72 hour fast and trained during it. This is what I did:
    • On day one of the fast I had only fasted for a few hours, so I trained normally.
    • On day 2 I did my scheduled training, but it was a relatively light day with good rest. All went well.
    • Day 3 I didnt train. I just took a rest day and trained the next day, when I wasnt fasting.
    The 3 day fast didnt interfere with my training. Just plan for a normal day on day one, a light day on day 2 and a rest day on day 3.

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