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Ole Gimpy

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Frequent reader first time poster! I made my SFG 1 this past August and am currently training for the TSC in April!

I'm currently planning on running 2 rounds of protocol 522 for my TSC training.
However, I wanted to make sure I understood the chart correctly. On week one for example, you would alternate DL and SW (splitting up into 2 series when necessary the following weeks) and THEN do the snatch protocol. Wed week 1 would be just DL and Sw, no snatches...? And so on...? (The middle line going through the middle of each day just seems rather visually confusing to me.)

Regarding the example in the section "fragmentation of load" there are 30 total sets of DL. Two examples are given starting with DL first, then SW, and then Swing followed by deadlift. HOWEVER, it looks like there is a typo in the second example: it has 50 total sets of DLs instead of 30 (it looks like it was accidentally written a duplicate time).

Finally, I was considering changing the training days from Mon Wed Fri to Tue Thur Sat since the TSC itself is on Saturday...?

Thank you for your help and any other suggestions and ideas are certainly welcome and appreciated!

Thank you and have a strong day!


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Hello "Ole Gimpy",
Would you mind emailing me directly at We have a few different protocols out there and we want to keep them secret (plus we don't want to confuse someone on a different protocol).

Ole Gimpy

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Sure thing, not a problem! I'll email you shortly!
In case you weren't aware a few of the protocols are still able to be found through a google search. It may or may not be a problem depending on how secret you want to keep them.
Thank you!
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