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Discussion in 'Old StrongFirst Forum (Read-Only)' started by Rob Lawrence, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Rob Lawrence

    Rob Lawrence Triple-Digit Post Count

    I have a useful PTP DL training spreadsheet if anyone is interested. It uses the structured wave cycle from the book and lets you plug in a single number (a theoretical max). It also lets you look as far ahead as eight cycles to project what you might be lifting in the future given an assumed rate of progress (which you also plug in). I find this type of "look ahead" important when training a simple protocol which can get boring if you lose sight of the goal.

    Needless to say the spreadsheet will not lift the weight for you.

    If interested shoot me a note at robt_lawrence   AT
  2. Rob Lawrence

    Rob Lawrence Triple-Digit Post Count

    Six takers so far! Let me know if it comes in handy.
  3. Christopher_Brown

    Christopher_Brown Double-Digit Post Count

    Very useful--and encouraging! thanks Rob
  4. PatrickW

    PatrickW Triple-Digit Post Count

    I really like the spreadsheet.  Just plug in my current max and it does all the calculations for me.  Thanks for setting it up!
  5. rwgood

    rwgood Double-Digit Post Count

    makes the cycling concept more clear and ought to help me keep track of my progress thanks
  6. RussellPeele

    RussellPeele More than 300 posts

    typically PTP is intended for 2 lifts. Let's say I want to use it to peak for a PL meet (currently finishing a PL specific bulking program) ... how to plan?
  7. brian d

    brian d Triple-Digit Post Count

    This is a cool spread sheet.  I'm working on day 11 of Easy Strength, and the deadlift is my main lift.  Playing around with the numbers generated by the sheet have given me a good idea of where I'm at and also a good idea of where I might be going.

    Thanks for helping out the Strong First community, Rob!
  8. mski

    mski Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    Thanks for the spreadsheet.  It's great to see the wave cycle all planned out to help me reach my dead lift goal!

  9. Rob Lawrence

    Rob Lawrence Triple-Digit Post Count

    I got 37 requests for the spreadsheet. You're all welcome, happy to share.

    Russell, I suggest posting your question in a separate thread and getting several answers from experienced folks who've used PTP to peak for a meet.
  10. Gray

    Gray Double-Digit Post Count

    Just wanted to publicly say thanks Rob! Great spreadsheet, great layout and format! and thanks for all of your advice!!
  11. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Certified Instructor

    Thank you Rob, very usefull tool!
  12. Murph

    Murph Double-Digit Post Count

    This is great, thanks Rob. Question though. Is the "estimated max" slot for your 1 rep max or your 5 rep max?
  13. Rob Lawrence

    Rob Lawrence Triple-Digit Post Count

    It's one-rep max ...
  14. Tom

    Tom Second Post

    Got it. Thanks Rob.
  15. ideaman

    ideaman Triple-Digit Post Count

    Another kudos... 2 actually (gave it to my trainer also). Sorry for delay in getting our thank you up!

  16. Gray

    Gray Double-Digit Post Count

    Hey Rob

    My Computer died and I had to get a new one, I cannot find the program that you emailed to me anywhere. Is it still available?


  17. Buffalo

    Buffalo Triple-Digit Post Count

    Wow I had no clue how old this thread is. I sent an email asking for the chart. Thanks.
  18. Burnham Malichar

    Burnham Malichar My Third Post

    Does anyone still have this spreadsheet? I am two weeks into a PTTP cycle and would love to check it out.
  19. Kai Slater

    Kai Slater Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    I would also love to have this spreadsheet if anyone has access to it and could send it to me.
  20. Lt.Baker

    Lt.Baker Double-Digit Post Count

    I would like to have it too, if possible.


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