PTTP DL frequency change for new cycle?


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In PTTP, it says that deadlift frequency is or can be reduced to twice a week when the weight gets heavier at the end of the cycle.

Do people increase the frequency again when they are at the bottom of the cycle 3-4 times a week? Or just take it easy.

I did a linear workout and then changed to a two step repeat the weight once linear step workout when it got more challenging. Do people just go linear when starting the new cycle? 5 pounds a workout?

I had a good cycle. It would take me five weeks to get back to where I was before and I only have 5 weeks of gym membership left until I switch back to Thai boxing. I do PTTP in the winter only.

How do I program this?

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If your previous cycle worked, I'd start by duplicating it but with a heavier weight.

If you need to make it go faster, you can skip some of the planned workouts, or you can arrange for access to a bar, the latter being my recommendation.

If your living arrangement allows it, a deadlift-only workout spaces needs only a single 4' x 6', 1/2" thick rubber mat, plus a bar and weights, and a bar and weights from a local source like craigslist would do just fine.



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Thank you for the suggestion, I can start the cycle light to recover, skip a middle workout or two, and then get back a couple workouts faster. The previous cycle was very good as was my bench cycle, which also just finished.

Home workouts are not an option for me living in Asia where space is at a premium, unfortunately.
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