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@Abdul, please note that our web site says a belt is not allowed during strength testing at the SFL. I have never worn a belt for powerlifting and very likely never will. I do, however, wear a belt to hold up my pants except when my pants have a drawstring or elastic and, for that purpose, a belt is very useful.

:) :)

Don't you find suspenders more preferable?


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I wanted to give an update about my progress. @Steve Freides @Steve W. @Geoff Chafe @Philippe Geoffrion @Anna C @Antti to tag a few.

Here is my BP progress since Oct, 2018.

10/23/2018 BP 1 Rep PR 155lbs
12/12/2018 BP 4 Rep PR 135lbs
01/11/2019 BP 5 Rep PR 135lbs
01/22/2019 BP 5 Rep PR 140lbs
02/04/2019 BP 5 Rep PR 145lbs
02/14/2019 BP 5 Rep PR 150lbs
02/22/2019 BP 4 Rep PR 155lbs
02/26/2019 BP 1 Rep PR 170lbs

PTTP was slow to progress in the beginning and it seems to have taken off in the last few weeks.

Steve Freides

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@Abdul Rasheed, excellent work, excellent progress!!

(Good to get used to "falling with the weight" on your deadlifts - just keep your hands on the bar so you can steady it once it's on the floor for a second.)

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