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Off-Topic Pullup Challenge for Tanzania Water Fund

Alex Lambert

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Hi there! My name is Alex, I'm a SF Elite based in Atlanta. I posted something about this last year and had some fellow members in strength join in, so I thought I would post about it again to see if there was any interest.

I will be completing 1000 pull-ups throughout the upcoming week as part of an effort to raise money for two wells in Tanzania for villages that don't have access to clean water. Our goal is simple: raise $50,000, and as a community do 50,000 pull-ups. (you know, because we're pulling water out of the ground, it's symbolic).

Personally, I am in charge of raising $5,000 and getting people committed to doing 5,000 pullups. I have included a link at the bottom to the Facebook page dedicated to the fundraiser.

The first thing you could do to help me would be to donate to the cause. $5,000 is a lot and honestly I'm not sure how I'm going to get there right now haha, but any amounts helps.

The second thing you could help with is to do some pull-ups before next Sunday, November 22. It can literally be one. It can be assisted pull-ups, it doesn't matter - every single one counts towards the total - and send me a video of you doing a few.

If you want to get involved or are interested in more info please reach out to me. My number is (740) 358-1386, and my email is



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Believe there's plenty on this forum that eat pull ups for breakfast, lunch and dinner so we could achieve a good amount, do you need to have something like a newspaper with the date on the video?

Alex Lambert

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Thanks everyone for showing some interest so far! I believe there is something in the StrongFirst forum that blocks a link from posting but maybe this will work: Click here

No real restrictions on the video, just a quick clip of you doing a few for the final reel we put together at the end. The total amount of pull-ups is more on the honors system but it is certainly good to have some documented.
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