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Here's something I fooled around after today's S&S session:

I took my trusty, smelly shoe I use to warm up for getups and from a lying press position, I tried to "punch" the shoe as high up as possible.

My ceiling is 245 cm from the floor and I couldn't quite get the shoe to touch it, no matter how I tried to adjust my position. I started to wonder: could this be a useful test of explosiveness for punching power? Probably not, since this only simulates a total arm punch, not an actual punch that has the added power of full bodyweight behind it.

Anyway, I'd be curious if anyone else has tried this and how people stronger than I perform with this test. I'm also curious if my "shoe punch" height will improve as I get stronger (and if yes, by how much). Again, this seems like a completely explosive move, so considering that quality is supposed to be almost entirely determined genetically, it shouldn't be much if indeed it improves at all.

A few additional observations:

- you need to do this with a fist, it is way easier with a palm (my guess due to the additional "boost" you give with the fingers)
- both shoulders need to stay on the ground (again, if you give extra assist with turning, it again becomes easier)

Alexander Halford

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Done with Crocs classic clog size 14 to 2.25m ceiling, generously bounced back. My rear delt probably took off the floor.
P.S. I performed it immediately after my TGU and presses training (so I was more than warmed up) and my arms are fairly long.
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