Q&D with TGUs


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I did 10 get ups in between days. But light, varied with a focus on varied movement, hitting any and all angles and positions. It's become a bit of a regular practice now and is my movement training norm.
Twofold - time of year; my get up area has a new not get up friendly ceramic floor, so heavy get ups are now limited to having dry grass outside in daylight to play on. And, recovery. Having not done Q&D before, that being the focus and wanting to give that the attention, other stuff was relegated.
Having taken that for a spin, an ideal format for me the next time Q&D comes around is to incorporate some heavy get ups with light days and wave the days.
Just watch intensity/volume and your recovery and tweak/untweak accordingly. Always room for get ups....they don't have to be heavy, just dry with an inexpensive floor.
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