Question about handles and mini-review of CAP 'Competition' KB


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I'm a sucker for a good deal, so I bought a 16kg CAP 'Competition' KB from Amazon. I put 'Competition' in quotation marks since it's not a competition bell. It's just their powdercoated KB, which I suppose is a step up from their enamel bells.

I paid $40 shipped, while the same size Kettlebell King bell costs $79. Rep Fitness would have been $64. CFF K2 would have been $89.

Alas, the bell came with a casting seam on the bottom of a handle. The seam isn't prominent, but just enough to feel it and therefore be annoying. I don't know if the seam would irritate in high rep snatches. I tried to take a picture but they didn't come out.

So there's the review.


Now for the question.

I took a file to the casting seam, and now the bottom of the handle is as smooth as a baby's bottom. But 7/8ths of the handle has the powdercoat, and the other 1/8 where I filed is smooth bare metal. Much like my competition 24kg KB. (My competition bell spent years less than a mile from the sea in an area where everything rusted, and has a nice patina on the bare metal and spots of rust coming up from the painted portion. I'm okay with that.)

I guess I don't get the interest with powder coating. If bare metal is good enough for GS, when why do I need a powder coat on a hardstyle bell? Yes, the handle will be thicker and therefore a little harder to hold on swings/snatches, but maybe that's a good thing, right? Forcing me to work my grip, etc.

I ask because the 16kg is probably too light for ROP (which is in my future) and am looking for a 20kg bell. Then I'd like to do a double kettlebell program (either with the 16kg or 20kg or both, which means purchasing two more bells). The savings adds up. If i have to file away the seam, I think I'm okay with that.

Granted, I've only played around with snatches to try to learn the movement. So it's possible I don't know what I don't know.

But when I see the photos of some of the spartan gyms in Russia or the Ukraine with their well used KBs, I get the feeling who ever is training there probably doesn't fret about the coating on his KB. And he's probably stronger than me.

I did have to buy a Rep Fitness 32kg bell since the CAP didn't come in that size for some reason on Amazon.


TL;DR. Should I buy a cheap KB knowing I'm going to have to sand/tune the handle?


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Nope buy a good one I bought a cap 16 kg ( my first buy ) hit the floor and cracked like an egg . No kidding. Needless to say I now own perform better ,rogue and onnit. Save yourself the trouble .If thats all you can get ,get it .Save a few more bucks and get a quality one ,maybe on sale.


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Get one for rop that will keep you busy for awhile, probably long enough to get money together to get another for your double kB program.
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