Question about the swing sandwich.


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I've been doing ladders, along with 100 swings across sets of 10-20 reps, with a 24 kg kettlebell every day for the last few months. I've worked up to doing 5 sets of (1, 2, 3) with the 24-kg kettlebell 5-6 days a week, and my 1RM for the press is somewhere around 32 kg. Naturally, the itch for variety intensified after I read the "Swing Sandwich" post, and I decided to play around with my program. Now, it looks something like this:

[15 swings -- few seconds --> (1, 2, 3) presses -- few seconds --> 15 swings] x 5, with 10-15 minutes of rest between each set.

Does this look good to you? I'm not sure if I got the "sandwich" idea right. Thank you.
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