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PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Question on how to program a Plan Strong cycle for the OAPU

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Hi, everyone.

Has anyone tried this? Would you choose an alternative exercise for each intensity zone or rate the intensity on the height of the support, 100% being the ground?

I'm curious to previous solutions.

The first one I came up with was:

100% - OAPU, 1RM
92.5% - Half OAPU, 2 reps, as in a OAPU half way down and up
85% - Assimetrical Archer, 3-5 reps, as in main hand close, the other arm stretched out and up on a support
75% - Archer, 4-6 reps, as in two hands on the ground, main one close, the other arm stretched out
65% - 5-10" bottom/high-tension OAOLPU isometrics, 4-8 reps
55% - Elevated OAPU, 4-10 reps, waist height support

I have no idea if this a good guess, but I suppose some form of leverage or time management is used to adjust the intensity. Really appreciatte any feedback.

Thank you.
The difficulty with bodyweight is exactly what you've highlighted - how to construct appropriate versions of a goal movement the require less strength. I would think simply varying the elevation might be enough.

Thank you Steve, it was my initial guess indeed.

Just for curiosity, on a waist-high support, what do you think would be the range of reps for someone with one rep on the OAPU? Maybe I'll quantify as assistant exercises.
@DanielRunkel, I think the way to figure that out is to do some at various elevations. E.g., I was doing doubles and some triples on a 4" box, having worked down there from 12" and having used a basic triple progression strategy (when one elevation started getting me more reps, I went to a lower elevation).

Yesterday, even though I haven't been training these in a week or two, I did a single one the ground on each side because I knew I could; I think you probably ought to find a height where you can get 5 reps and call that 75% - someone could correct my math and I hope they do, but I think you need to think along those lines.

Yes, indeed, makes perfect sense! Intead of a 5RM weight, a 5RM height!

Maybe, that way, I'll plug in something on the lines of the triple progression you mentioned (first sets increase from 3 to 5, then reps from 3 to 5, then height decreases and back at 3x3, right?), or maybe a Fighter's Pullup Program (5 decreasing sets, 1 rep jumps)?

Might be easier. That way I can start to track how the OAPU increases with the height decreasing and try to match the relation of heights and intensities.

Enough work to last a few programs, for sure.

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