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Kettlebell Question reg. the weight on Craig Marker's pressing plan


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I think a whole lot of great information is embedded in different articles and I came across the following which was pretty appealing to me

A Science-Based Plan to Prepare You for the SFG Level I and SFG Level II | StrongFirst

When I looked at the pressing plan, it was based on Plan Strong and also had not huge volume - helpful especially when pressing heavier weights.

However, my question is the following - what does one do when you don't have a clear 1RM? Let me explain using my own example. 36kg is my 3RM (on R) and 2RM (on L). And I can't press the 40kg yet. So should I just consider using 36kg as my 1RM and go ahead with the plan or use 40kg as my 1RM and go ahead with it?

Pete L

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You need to decide to bell up or down.
Your 1RM can be estimated as ((37-2 reps)÷36) x 36 kg = 37 kg
75% x 37 kg = 27.8 kg
85% x 37 kg = 31.5 kg
90% x 37 kg = 33.3 kg
The first two are clear as 28 kg and 32 kg.
Personally I'd choose the 36 kg for the 90% as they are only singles but I also know I do better with more volume at lower bell size. Good luck.


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This is helpful. I was planning to use 36 as my 90%. And I do hope that I can get to press 40 soon. Currently running ROP Jurassic with a 28, but that volume is just too much I think for me. Which is why this plan looks appealing. But I will finish ROP and then move on to this one. Don’t want to leave a program mid way ;)

Mark Limbaga

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What I'd recommend for you:

Retest your rm after the ROP. Chances are your 3rm may be a 5rm by then
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