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    The power to the people book changed my mind about lifting in general for about a month to a month and a half ive been on pttp for deadlifts and its been awesome ive also been using the russian fighter program with weights for pull ups but i have some questions

    Today i hit on my 8th day of my cycle 145 kg x5,3,2 i read hat i was supposed to train daily so tomorrow i should be going for 150x5,3,2 but todays 5,3,2 was hard and i dont know if ill get it tomorrow so should i
    1) try it anyways
    2) wait a few days until im recovered and then hit 150 for 5,3,2 or does that defeat the purpose

    My second question is as follows :
    I love this high frequency low volume approach is there a way i could use it for the olympic lifts ? 5,3,2 5 times a week or do you have other advice ? Also gtg is not possible for me since i can not get any equipement except at the gym

    My third question will pttp style training work for all my lifts ? And will i get me say to a 200kg dl my current max being 160 kg at 85 kg bw

    I would be very happy getting advice from you guys especially the methods veterans thank you so much
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    1. Depends on what cycle you're using, but don't let the "feel" of today's workout dictate tomorrow's.
    2. I'm not sure if you're asking about adding more lifts to the daily session or if you could swap out squats for Deads, etc. You could use it for other lifts, but PTTP is what I consider a minimalist program focusing on two lifts that are easy to learn and train every muscle in the body.
    3. Hard to say. All programs work, all programs only work for so long.
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    Thank you for your answer ive been just adding 5% or 5 kg daily and going up i didnt really use a cycle im very confused in setting those up the book says to train 5 days a week and to add 5lbs i tried that but i found adding 2 or 2.5 kg made be do alor more hard sessions therefore impeding my recovery so i changed that and strarted adding 5 kg so my cycle went 105 kg , 110 , 115 , 120 , 125 , 130 , 135 , 140 , 145 today all for 5,3,2 so my question is of todays 145 for 5,3,2 felt pretty hard where should i go from here and thanks again

    Also i was asking if a similar type of programing ie high frenquency low volume for olympic lifts and if this one pttp could be used for those so doing the same rep sheme and programming for cleans for example and thanks !!
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    Rest a couple days and start a new cycle at 110 kg and build up to 150. PTTP will work until it doesn't, it is different for every trainee. But the rule is to always train fresh. It is better to delay a P.R. and start a cycle with fresh training then to grind out what you will assuredly hit in a couple weeks with patience.

    Most Olympic lifting is done with high frequency, as far as I know, due to the technical aspects of the lifts, practice with moderate to heavy weights, sometimes several times a day by professionals,stopping prior to form breakdown Very similar to PTTP, but learning the Olympic lifts is hard without a personal coach to guide your form. Thus if you practice a lift imperfectly often, you are likely to develop bad habits.

    PTTP could work with other lifts, but it's best to only train a couple of lifts thoroughly than multiple ones, say 1 upper body and 1 lower body move, i.e. squat + bench or deadlift + press. Doing them in separate phases like that will allow you to focus on a select few, allowing greater development and narrower focus.
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    Man !! Thanks for your answer man i was eager for the 150 x 5 but ill so what you said go to 110 and restart thanks again
    Also what about those 4 steps forward 3 back what is it about ?
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    It is impossible to continuously add weight to a lift forever, otherwise we'd all been benching a grand. Thus cycling is the key to constant progress. Cycling is the system of starting a training period with a light weight and over weeks or months, building up to a new PR. After setting a record, it is imperative to cycle back i.e. to return to a lighter weight, but heavier than before, in order to ensure forward progress, as progress is likely to stall or go backwards or worse if intensity continues up past good form. Say your best 5rm in the DL is 140 kilos. Starting a cycle light would be starting at 100 kilos, obviously easy and ending at 150, then for your next cycle, you may start at 110 and work to 160. Starting light allows one to build momentum, and practice the lift perfectly so the body is ready for heavy weights. Usually the heaviest week is followed by a reduction in volume or training load to allow the body to recover from the buildup of weeks of heavy lifting.
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    There is nothing wrong also if you want to stay on the same weight for couple of workouts or even restart the microcycle early. PTTP is a general template, exactly as you said: low volume high frequency. As you get to really heavy weights you may need to tweak it.
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