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    Apologies if these are commonly answered questions...

    What assistance work is recommended? Is it even necessary?

    How much pushing / squatting should you do to off set the pulls / hinging of the DL and pull up?
    Would presses/dips and front squats be good?

    Would weighted pull ups be a good thing to increase max reps at body weight?
  2. Anna C

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    Depends on your strengths and weaknesses. What class are you competing in, and how are your numbers now in a self-assessment?

    It's not necessary to do any, especially in your TSC-prep-specific training in the weeks or months leading up to it. But if you want to do some as part of your general strength training program, that's all good.

    I think the standard answer is once you can do 10 reps in one set at bodyweight, start training with added weight.
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  3. Ryan Toshner

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    There's probably a bit of a bell curve as far as weighted pull-ups increasing body weight pull-ups goes. From my experience, weighted pull-ups might help to increase your numbers if you're in the 8-16 pull-up range. After that, practicing some higher-rep body weight sets is probably necessary. Your mileage may vary...

    As far as assistance vs main work goes: I tend to emphasize deadlifts, swings, and snatches (with myself & my gym members) and add in some light-to-medium-weight get-ups to maintain mobility during TSC training. After TSC training we take some de-load time to rest and work on opposing movements.

    TSC training is a lot of pulling & hinging. So in that de-load time just make sure to include pushing & squatting movements. Whatever exercises you pick should be fine so long as they fall into those categories. (Push-up, bench/military press, handstands, goblet squats, front squats, back squats, body weight squats, etc)
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