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Discussion in 'Other' started by Patrik Novák, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Patrik Novák

    Patrik Novák Double-Digit Post Count

    Hi every one ...I find articles:
    The Tale of Two Leopards: An Excerpt from The Quick and the Dead ...

    I think this is exactly what I am looking for ... (GPP for life and service)Can you explain to me how many series and frequency of Swings and push ups?
    Thank you...
  2. mikhael

    mikhael Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    There is link missing.
  3. jef

    jef I am a student of strength. Certified Instructor

    I am pretty sure that Pavel goes into much detail in the book that will be released on Monday. ;)
    Make sure you are NOT a beginner also to start Q&D.
  4. Patrik Novák

    Patrik Novák Double-Digit Post Count


    Yes I train S&S 5-6years(40kg)...And where the book will be available?

  5. jef

    jef I am a student of strength. Certified Instructor

    Already a lot of discussion about the book and the release here: New Book
    If you do S&S with 40kg, I suppose you qualify for Q&D.
  6. Patrik Novák

    Patrik Novák Double-Digit Post Count

    Thanks.I intetested in....
    I'll look at it.
  7. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Senior Instructor

    The book is being released in the US on Monday, July 22. The rest of the world - we're still figuring that out but it will be made as widely available as possible as soon as possible, I'm sure.

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  8. Patrik Novák

    Patrik Novák Double-Digit Post Count

    Thanks...so We must wait
  9. Glen

    Glen Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Or just pay the additional $7 in international shipping from Amazon
  10. Fossil

    Fossil Double-Digit Post Count

    If you're in the UK there is the additional VAT at 20% and the post office handling fee as well. Admittedly I haven't ordered a book from Amazon US but I've been put off just on cost reasons from other sources
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  11. Glen

    Glen Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @Fossil yeah a $18 book might cost you twice as much (£8 handling fee if over £15, so depends on exchange rate).

    Personally will be waiting for kindle version, but the value of anything in life is what someone is willing to pay. Are people wanting this as soon as it comes out?
  12. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @jef Yeah ive been wondering what is meant by "advanced" since in the article he describes that its for "Fighters, military special operators, professional baseball players, motocross riders, and guys who could press the Beast." I defiantly don't fall in those categories. but I can do one arm swings with the 40kg for 18-19reps per arm and press the 36kg. I'll just wait for the book and find out I suppose.
  13. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    I guess you would qualify, as it says it is not for people working towards the simple standard (32 kg for 1H swings and get ups)
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  14. Kozushi

    Kozushi More than 2500 posts

    I thought I had read that if you achieved Simple, you qualify.

    There is new science coming to bear on the program that I would have to guess supersedes S&S in some ways, by some ways I mean in terms of some particular goals. The descriptions of the book seem to centre on a wild cat making a kill in a desperate 16 second attack. So, what I'm guessing is some kind of extreme effort for short bursts - 1 hand swings and the good ole pushup. The two moves are a good complement - a bend vs a rigid posture, upright versus horizontal, pull vs push. Clever and interesting. S&S did wonders for me and now this "past S&S" thing seems fascinating!

    I worked on a construction site all day today and my strength and endurance held out fine (shoveling and wheelbarrowing rocks, mainly).
  15. Dayz

    Dayz Double-Digit Post Count

    My biggest question is who is this for? Is it a program for developing speed? Explosiveness? Strength, endurance? Or all of the above?
  16. LightningFast

    LightningFast Double-Digit Post Count

    It's for the "experienced trainee" who has done RKC, ROK, ROP, PTTP, PTTPP, S&S and Super Joints.
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  17. Simply strong

    Simply strong Double-Digit Post Count

    I’ve heard it said quite a bit now that this book will be an update of an old program 033?

    Can someone outline what the old version is for me as I’m quite looking forward to the new book?
  18. piratebum

    piratebum Triple-Digit Post Count

    mike torres has a post on his instagram account about it (33)
  19. Dekapon

    Dekapon Triple-Digit Post Count

    So if S/S is at its core "100 swings and 10 getups" Q&D is "Swings for 30 seconds and push-ups"?
  20. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Dir. of Community Engagement Senior Instructor

    Please don’t try to summarize the new book without having read it from cover to cover at least once. And then still don’t do that.

    Among other things, the new book compares its programs with S & S.

    The science behind Q & D isn’t simple; the results are profound, both for health and for athletic performance.

    Patience, please.


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