Other/Mixed Quick and Dead

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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I think plan 033 was the working title of the plan, back when it was tested with different groups. SF often calls for participants for experimental plans. Therefore, plan 033 hasn't been publicly available so far, but due to it's popularity it has been mentioned here and there - for example by Peter Park on the podcast.

Thanks for the mention of Peter Park podcast. I just listened to it because of your post.

If Plan 033 is indeed similar to Q&D, then I’m now interested in Q&D. He speaks that highly of it.

Sean M

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A month or so ago you didn't know it was coming out. Now everyone is complaining they can't get it quick enough!

Is a month more that big of a deal?

Remember folks, anticipation is half the fun :D
Not to beat a dead horse, but...

...it comes down to expectation management. A release date was given and not met.

It would be one thing if the rollout was:
  • "New book is coming out soon in paperback; Kindle and audiobook to follow"
  • "Pre-order by 7/22 to receive the first run"
  • (soon after 7/22) "Amazon now has the books in their care and they will ship out on X"
  • Then, surprise us with Kindle and audio versions
The way it actually rolled out implied it would ship on 7/22, the stated "release date", along with Kindle and audio on 7/22.

It's an interesting consumer psychology case study.


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I received and read my copy today, and I am very pleased. Excellent information laid out in an easy to understand format. For me, it is an excellent companion to my ATC manual.

william bad butt

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I just bought the book. It said delivery is 3 weeks with the cheapest delivery option. That's not too bad. I'm not going to even read it until late September, after my powerlifting meet. Right now it would be a distraction, I must finish what I'm currently pursuing!


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First copy I ordered is scheduled to arrive on Aug 7. Then I ordered another a few days later to arrive any day between Aug 17-Sep 5.

Jacques van der Merwe

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“Masters of Life and Death” —An Excerpt from The Quick and the Dead | StrongFirst and this just came out. Its a good read and gets into the science of why in Q&D.

It's going to be interesting to see the reaction of the MetCon/HIIT communities once the knowledge in Q&D makes its way to the general public.

Additionally, does anyone know of any studies been made on "athletes" that have done excessive MetCons over a long period of time? In Pavel's article above he associates this type of training with the "dead" aspect of Q&D. It would be interesting to see the state of the energy systems and if there are any health related issues as a result of this type of training.
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