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General Forum Rules:

- Be a Lady or a Gentleman.

- No foul language, no flame wars, no ad hominem attacks.

- Stay On-Topic.

- Consider what you are about to post before hitting Save.

- Do not post the same thing in two different sections - ask a moderator for help.

- Use the "Like" feature rather than a reply to indicate approval or agreement.

How Do I Choose a Login Name?

You may use your real name or a made-up one on our forum; the choice is yours.

There are many reasons to use your real name, e.g., it lets people know they're hearing from someone accountable, and it can enhance your reputation.

There are many reasons not to use your real name, e.g., your posts on the public sections of the forum will be visible to web searches; employers increasingly use web searches as part of their background checks on prospective employees.

If you wish to have your forum name changed, please contact us.

Problems Logging or Posting?

You may read the all Public sections of forum without logging in.

If, however, you wish read special sections to which you have been granted rights, or if you wish to contribute something to the forum by replying to an existing thread or starting a new one, you must login to the forum.

Need more help? Click here.

Before you ask for training advice, please read:

Where Can I Find Information About StrongFirst Instructor Certification:

Certifications | StrongFirst

Where Can I Find Information About StrongFirst Courses:

Courses | StrongFirst

Is there a StrongFirst Blog?

Yes, click here.

Is there an official language for the StrongFirst Forum?

Yes, English. Please post only in that language, and likewise, if you post links to other sites, please make sure that translations or subtitles in English are available. We insist on English in order to allow everyone, including moderators, to understand what's being posted.

If you are interested in a StrongFirst forum in another language, please PM forum admin Steve Freides. He will direct you to our country leaders where the language of your choice is widely spoken, and you may discuss forum options with them.

Please also note that StrongFirst has a large presence on social media, and you will, e.g., find we have Facebook pages in Spanish, Czech, Italian, French, and other languages.

A new thread I created just disappeared - what happened?

Your new thread probably didn't disappear but was moved to another section by forum moderator. Please search the entire forum for your new thread and you'll probably find it. If you don't, please contact a forum moderator for assistance. Please don't forget that unless you clicked "Create New Thread" and saw that it was successfully created, your new thread never really existed in the first place so you'll have to create it again from scratch.

Why can't I edit or delete something I wrote?

This is a discussion forum and, once you post something, others can and will add to the thread. Because removing or changing what you wrote might make the entire thread incomprehensible, we don't allow it. You may only edit your posts within a short time after creating them. (If you feel you have a valid reason to have something you wrote changed or deleted, please PM a moderator or administrator.)

A longer description of the Terms of Service of our forum can be found by clicking on the Help link at the bottom of every page, then clicking on Terms and Rules.

Can I customize my experience on the forum?

This forum, powered by Xenforo, has many settings. You may want to go through them all. Simply click on your username in the top right corner to go to your account and start to explore.

Can I include a picture or video in a forum message?

This forum supports uploading of _pictures_ but not of _video_. For video, please post elsewhere, e.g., YouTube with your video link made Unlisted or Public, then post a link to it in your forum message.

May I include links in my posts?

Please follow this policy:
  • It’s ok to mention non-StrongFirst brands of merchandise, including kettlebells.

  • Please don’t provide links to non-StrongFirst brands of merchandise, including kettlebells.
Please be completely up-front and honest about what happens when someone clicks on your link, especially if the link itself says nothing about its content. As a general rule, we don't allow links in a new member's first few posts.

The same holds true for links with affiliated ID's - if you benefit from the link then you must, at the very least, state that fact clearly in your post.

If a link is NSFW - not safe for work - then it doesn't belong here, either. (NSFW is Internet-speak for a link to a site containing obscenities or other things you wouldn't want your boss to see if they walked by your desk.)

May I post advertisements for other web sites, products, etc. ?

No. We do not allow posts made solely to further commercial or business endeavors outside of StrongFirst and its partners. If it looks like an ad, or is just words but reads like an ad, please don't post it here.

May I promote myself, post links to articles I've written, web sites about me, etc. ?

You may as long as you disclose the full extent of your involvement. You may not, e.g., post a link to something you wrote and say, "Hey, look what I just found!" Be honest - some amount of self-promotion is OK as long as you are completely up-front, honest, and transparent about it.

Is it OK to post links to other fitness-related sites?

This is a tricky one. As students of strength, we are always open to learning, but StrongFirst is a business. Some fitness-related sites you might wish to post about are the work of our competitors. We hope you will recognize that the StrongFirst Forum exists to serve you, our community, and we hope you will therefore choose not to advertise on our competitors' behalf by posting their links here.

Please follow this policy:
  • It’s ok to mention non-StrongFirst brands of merchandise, including kettlebells.

  • Please don’t provide links to non-StrongFirst brands of merchandise, including kettlebells.
If you have any question about whether a particular link might be appropriate, please don't hesitate to ask - you may reach out to Forum Administrator, @Steve Freides. We will give you our honest opinion and we'll do our best to respect your point of view, but we reserve the right to remove a link or post if we feel it takes away from the cause of our community of strength here at StrongFirst.
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