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This is the place to discuss issues related to joint health and mobility, flexibility (including but not limited to splits, that most popular of flexibility topics), and just generally to moving better.

We have a number of resources available to us, including a number of books and DVD's authored by Pavel that are widely available. These all come highly recommended, without reservation.

There are also people and organizations who address these issues in various ways; some of these have a current connection with StrongFirst in that their leaders are current StrongFirst leaders as well, while others may have less connection to what we do here, and some may even consider themselves opposed to our approach.

Given all that, I remind everyone of our two basic operating principles here on the StrongFirst forum: we don't say you're wrong, only that we know what we do works, and; we ask that our forum not serve as a platform for advertising the products and services of competitors.

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of something you wish to post here, I hope you'll reach out to me via a PM and I will be very happy to discuss the details with you.

In Strength,

Steve Freides
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