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Ryan T

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Any interest in starting a recipe sub-section?

We can share our favorite meals/snacks/foods whether it's for specific purposes such as performance, pre/post training, plant-based, keto etc, things we plain enjoy or both (just some basic examples, I'm not suggesting that this is the list). It can be as basic or detailed as you want even with marcos and calories, but if you don't have that info no biggie either. Pictures would be awesome too!

If we had a subforum, I suggest that the organization would be a sticky/README with general guidelines for posting and a list of the logical tags to use that is always open for addition suggestions. I think it's important to use the same ones so when folks see the README they have an idea of how to search out recipes.

You can start own threads for your foods/meals/snack (name them something fun or whatever) and continue to add to your own thread for more of your own meals. Tag them with whatever tags seem most appropriate from the README. Replies to your threads would focus specifically on the meal(s) on the thread. Folks to could also make requests for meals for a particular purpose, focus etc... Again, I think tagging is most important.

If it seems worthwhile, please select interested and respond to this thread with your ideas on a set of tags we could start out with.



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I'm a rebel, so I'll just share one of my favorites recipes regardless of the poll result: orange juice, 2 bananas and a whole bunch of spinach smoothie.

Anna C

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My default smoothie template: one (or two) type(s) of fruit(s) (frozen or fresh). two kinds of leafy greens. almond milk.

Me too, but I use regular milk these days (used to use Almond milk) and I add a scoop of whey powder for 20g protein.

Michael Scott

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Half cup of rolled oats, 2 scoops of protein powder (30 g protein), and 24 oz water is a meal replacement for me, along with a piece of fruit like a banana or 2 clementines.


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My default smoothie template: one (or two) type(s) of fruit(s) (frozen or fresh). two kinds of leafy greens. almond milk.

I'm gonna try it with almond milk instead of orange juice. It should be good, but I wonder if it will lack sweetness. Do you add honey or something?

The almond milk you make it yourself?


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I wonder if it will lack sweetness
No, I don't add honey or any sweeteners. Fruit is the sweetener right. If you need more sweet, add more fruits. For me I can handle it without any fruits. Milk, avocados, protein powder etc. takes the bitter edge for me.
The almond milk you make it yourself?
No. Store-bought. Unsweetened.
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To curb the desserts & sweet tooth I like to make a cup of steel cut oats, peanut butter and sliced bananas. Just enough sweet and keeps me full.

I've also started getting into Skyr (icelandic yogurt) with some raspberries or strawberries as a sweet snack.

Simple 2-3 ingredient recipes do it for me.

North Coast Miller

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Weight gainer shake, approx 700 calories 50g protein:
1/2 cup powdered milk
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/8 cup honey
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/4 cup walnuts
10oz milk
fruit or flavor


Power bread:
dry yeast pack
3Tbsp olive oil
1.5 tsp sea salt
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup nutritional yeast
1 1/8 cup water

Proof the yeast for 15 minutes, spoon remaining ingredients together, let rest 45 minutes
knead for 15 minutes, let rise for 1 hour
knead for 2 minutes, let rise in pan until it doubles in size (usually 30 minutes)
bake 35 minutes at 325°

126 grams protein/loaf, approx 10-12 grams/slice, 2 slices per serving

Ryan T

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Thanks for all the responses on this thread! Would anyone like to move their responses to some threads in this sub forum?


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This sizzling Filipino specialty is loaded with flavor and cooked to perfection so that each mouthful has that delightfully crispy bite that the whole family craves. A street food favorite in the Philippines, this aromatic recipe will have the senses working overtime and the mealtime memories flooding back.

Steve Freides

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Sisig - Wikipedia

Wikipedia said:
Wikipedia said:
is a Filipino dish made from parts of pig head and chicken liver, usually seasoned with calamansi, onions and chili peppers.

Sisig has been a culinary tradition of Pampanga and the Kapampangan people feel very strongly about it to the point that the city government of Angeles City, Pampanga, through its City Ordinance No 405, Series of 2017, declared Sizzling Sisig Babi (Pork Sisig) as an intangible heritage of Angeles City.


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Oh, sisig! I've been wanting to try that since I saw it from a Bourdain show years ago. Don't know places near me that offer it though, but doing it on my own could work.
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