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Off-Topic Recovering after nerve/muscle damage (Saturday night palsy)-any tips?


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Hi all,

So roughly 4 months ago I made some poor decisions, got way too drunk and fell asleep on a hardwood floor for the night. The result was a swollen arm for which I had zero control of; the hand was clenched shut and I couldn't even budge a finger. After some emerge visits and follow up appointments, I have recovered slowly and have regained most of the use and function of said arm (my right/dominant arm to boot =(!)

Has anyone here gone through this/something similar? Any tips for nerve repair or how I should be approaching this? Likewise for muscle repair and regrowth does anyone have any suggestions on how to return to form?

Prior to the injury I was Squatting/Deadlifting 265lbs, benching 185 etc doing 5x5 and only getting better, adding 5 lbs every session. Having been off now for 4 months I am weak, fat and depressed. I attempted a small lift yesterday, with only 40 lbs on the bar. Regular 5 excercises (Squat, Deadlift, Bench press, Overhead bench press and bent over row).

While I was able to do it all in a 3x10 fashion, I felt weak/trembling, especially when it involved the presses/arm movement. Do you think I should be pushing it and adding 5 lbs quickly to build back up and rebuild/repair the muscle lost and damaged in my right arm? Suggestions for getting back to form asap, both for injuries like this and in general overall?

I am back on board with healthy eating, started some light cardio/cycling etc, and as above and doing extremely low weight lifts. Supplements are fish oil, multi and protein powder, as well I grabbed a burner to hopefully kickstart some fat loss. Any tips and suggestions are welcome! Help me reclaim my fitness, my body and hopefully my mental health!



Anna C

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Sounds like a case for physical or occupational therapy!

But if allowed within medical advice, I would say, just do what you can do; a normal session with whatever weight you can. Don't worry about how much is on the bar. Just going through the routine will help your mind and body feel more normal again. When you can, add weight.

Good job on the healthy eating, etc! Habits are powerful... especially with the world in the weird state we're in now.

North Coast Miller

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Starting back after 4 months off I would highly recommend some jogging to rebuild your aerobics and help with lifting recovery. Give about 2 weeks to come back online.

Slow movement and light to moderate weight. Don't be afraid of going to failure, you need to relink or make surviving nerve connections stronger, failing that the motor units still wired up good will have to pull more of the load.

As Anna said, start with a professional opinion. It sounds like you pinched a nerve in the cervical or upper thoracic vertebra, would be nice to know you aren't doing any movements that would be contraindicated.

Watch out for reaction to any particular lift and discontinue immediately if it triggers nerve pain, numbness/tingling, or sudden drop in force output.


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I feel you bro, on 11 april I've slept on the desk of my computer for 40 minutes with my whole upper body on my arm. I woke up with a sleepy hand, I thought my hand would wake up after 10 minutes. After 45 minutes it was still a wrist drop and freaked the hell out.

In the meanwhile I gained 5kg, I was 92kg, I'm 97kg now in almost 4 weeks.

Tomorrow I've got my first appointment with a neurologist, I hope we both recover from this a.s.a.p.
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