REFiNE by Karen Smith, Anyone try it?

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Maine-ah KB, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Maine-ah KB

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    So has anyone tried/gotten/purchased @Karen Smith’s new program Refine? if so what do you think? Is it a specific plan with reps, sets, weekly breakdown or is it giving you tools to create your own focused approach to bodyweight/kettlebell exercises?
  2. SusieG

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    I was actually a beta tester for the program and liked it so well that I bought it when it came out and am going through another eight weeks.

    It is a specific program that has 3 options/levels. I have been doing option 3 since I am SFG 1 already and am planning to recertify in May and have also been considering SFG 2.

    I have gained quite a bit of strength and for me, the most important thing has been seeing my snatch test time decrease to 6:01 from 7:45 at the beginning, all while keeping my work effort within the comfortable range.

    I highly recommend her program if you’re looking to increase your strength or even just work on your current form. She has a lot of video tutorials and the Facebook group is a great source of support and feedback.

    Hope that helps!
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  3. Maine-ah KB

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    Thanks @SusieG It does help! I do believe I'll jump on board when I finish out my present program!
  4. Brett Faucett

    Brett Faucett First Timer

    +1 on the program, I was not a beta tester but have worked with Karen previously and purchased the program day 1.

    It contains specific plans with reps/sets with 3 levels and either 3x/week or 5x/week programs. However, I think the knowledge you gain from refining specific techniques in the ebook as well as access to the video links will help you in developing your own plans later on.

    It could also be used to prep for either level 1 or 2 certs and I like how she incorporated bodyweight into the programs.
    I am currently using the 5x/week plan to prep for my SFG recert in January and will start week 3 tomorrow.

    I highly recommend the program, Karen is also extremely helpful and encouraging if you have any specific questions.
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  5. Maine-ah KB

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  6. ralalawi

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    I got the program when it became available.
    It has specific plans to meet various goals from overall strength to SFG level 1 or 2 cert prep. Very helpful tips from Karen both in the book/videos and through answering specific questions.
    It's an amazing program. I highly recommend it.
    I hope this helps.
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  7. chicagomark

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    I signed up for the SFB in Portland and know that I have a long way to go to get ready so I joined the Refine group. Karen has been extremely helpful so far. The programs are great and the feedback from Karen and the rest of the community is helpful and encouraging. I still don't know if I will pass the OAPU test but now I have path to it. Karen is incredibly generous with her time for all of us.
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  8. Kettlebelephant

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    Does it involve pistols?
    In the description there's mentioning of the KB skills, pushups & pullups, SFB or SFG cert, SFGII and SFGI/SFGII re-cert, but nothing particular about pistols.
    I'm asking, because I like Karen's pistol progression vids on youtube, but a proper routine that you can do with other KB stuff would be awesome.
  9. sizzlefuzz

    sizzlefuzz More than 500 posts

    I bought it because with the early bird code it was a good deal. It's a specific program and has links to private instructional videos on the moves she goes over. Nothing on pistols though :(. I don't know if I'm going to use the program as it is written, but I might. Either way, the instructional aspect is more than worth it (in my opinion).
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  10. Ed Haynes

    Ed Haynes First Timer

    Hi, I am Ed 70 years old and was in Coach Karen’s beta group. My snatch test for my age group is 50 snatches in 3 mins with 20kg KB. Week one was 50 snatches in 2:55 with 16kg KB. Week eight was 50 snatches in 2:15 with 20kg KB.
    Hope this helps.
  11. Riley O'Neill

    Riley O'Neill Triple-Digit Post Count

    I purchased it on day 1.

    You get three things for the price of admission, a manual which describes the movements of both Kettlebell and the One Arm Pushup and Pull Up for Bodyweight. The descriptions are pretty good and are greatly enhanced by that there are video links for everything. Karen's videos have always been incredibly informative (without a doubt this was the reason why I bought this program) and these are no different and their integration with the book is excellent. Some of the kettlebell skills I have done a million times but the ones I am new to and thus need to research look to be very detailed. The manual also contains five 8 week programs that focus on refining your skills. I am opting for the easiest one and plan on doing the others as well.

    So aside from a manual and videos... You also get to join a special group on facebook with other people doing the same program. You can submit videos of yourself doing the movements and get feedback or ask questions or clarifications and get nearly immediate feedback. This group is honestly worth it alone.

    I have more or less just been doing some variant of Simple and Sinister. One Arm Swings, and Turkish Get Ups. These two skills are definitely part of the program. However, when it came to the other kettlebell skills and bodyweight skills I was absolutely clueless of how to work them into the program. This program showcases how to do that, how to program it, and even work up the higher level skills.

    If you want your thing to be Kettlebells and Bodyweight mixed, give it a look.
  12. Karen Smith

    Karen Smith More than 300 posts Master Certified Instructor Iron Maiden

    Thank you everyone for the feedback :) I am honored to be working with all of you.

    I notice here has been some questions pertaining to pistols. I do have a very simple 6 week pistol program that is separate. I will be beefing it up even more with more progressions for different levels and making it longer. When that is done it will be available on my website.
    I currently have the following options available:
    1. My REFiNE ebook program
    2. A simple 6 week pullup program
    3. Gift Card for those wanting to add training to their holiday list :)

    The pistol program will be added as soon as it is done and I have another product w/program that I will be adding sometime in 2018.
    If you need a custom program design to meet your goals, I will be having a few spots coming available in Jan.

    BUT if you just have questions pertaining to SFB skills or needs a quick assessment, please feel free to load them here and tag me. OR send me an email and I will get back to you all as soon as I can.

    Happy Holiday!
  13. Kettlebelephant

    Kettlebelephant Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    That's awesome Karen :)
    Looking forward to it.
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  14. Karen Smith

    Karen Smith More than 300 posts Master Certified Instructor Iron Maiden

    @Kettlebelephant If you need anything in the mean time, please feel free to reach out.
  15. Virginia Barraza

    Virginia Barraza First Timer

    Any plan depends on your goals. Riley O'Niel outlined plan well. I'm an SFG and Just passed SFL certification. I personally think the plan is a worth the $$ because one of my goals is a OAPU and I don't know how to do bent press. There is a lot of feedback and videos to assist in your learning. Karen is one of best instructors. If this plan isn't for you, let her know what your goals are and she can get you going in the right direction. Plan the Work and Work the Plan = achieving goals!
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  16. Karen Smith

    Karen Smith More than 300 posts Master Certified Instructor Iron Maiden

    Thank you everyone. I am here to help as you all need.
    My main job outside of teaching the SFB is program design and distance coaching, so feel free to reach out anytime.
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  17. nish1013

    nish1013 Double-Digit Post Count

    @Karen Smith is this guide helpful for someone who is following S&S book at Simple stage ? Thank you
  18. Machete

    Machete SFG II, SFB Certified Instructor

    It's a great way to learn the kettlebell movements we use in SF as well as the OA(OL)PU, Tactical Pull-up, and Hollow. It combines internal and external cues in the skills portion, which covers most of the ebook. There are both written and video instructions for different learning styles. (This in itself is worth the price of admission IMO.)

    The programming runs on a pace less like S&S or Q&D, and more like Enter the Kettlebell and @Hector G 's "Kettlebell Snacks," waving the volume with medium, light, and heavy days.
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  19. Karen Smith

    Karen Smith More than 300 posts Master Certified Instructor Iron Maiden

    It can help you with the technique of the swing and TGU but is a different type of program. It is to obtain all kb skills, prep for SFG, maintain SFG and prep for SFG 2, or maintain and improve KB while working toward OAPU and Pullups.

    and in past someone asking about it not having a pistol focus.. it could be modified to replace squats with pistols.
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  20. nish1013

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    @Karen Smith thank you. Does the program include any workouts focus on fat loss ? Sorry for asking so many questions but had bought many online programs in the past, but most didn't deliver the promise. I couldn't find any sample content or so in the website , so hard to get an idea.

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