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I'm a little confused, is the weekly jump a % of 1 rep max or of 80% of the 1 rep max? Seems the example shows 80% but the instructions say the 1 rep max. Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but I was a bit confused.


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I see what you're saying. There is a discrepancy between the instructions and the example. On page 13 (pdf page 17), step 5 says to use % 1RM. But in the example on the same page, bullet point 4 uses the 80% number (360 lbs) to calculate jump size, instead of the 1RM number tested on bottom of page 12 (450 lbs). And then in the fifth bullet, it does use the 1RM (450 lbs.), matching the instructions of step 5.


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Its been nearly a year since I have read the book, but from memory you need to test your one rep max then your max reps with 80% of your one rep max ……. only if you do 5 reps or close is the 80% then relevent.
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