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Old Forum Renaming the fb RKC Certified Instructors group?

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Would it be gauche to rename the facebook group "RKC Certified Instructors" to something that reflects the new reality?  I'd hate to lose the excellent community there just because of a group title.  A Group Administrator needs to make the name change.  Maybe "Strong First/RKC Certified Instructors"?

Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
We have this forum and, IMHO, that's enough for now.

Someone could start a StrongFirst Instructors group - I'd join that.

If the groups are separate, anyone can choose to join them both.   The separation is real - let's respect it and not pretend that these are two "versions" of the same thing.  While they may seem like that now, I'm sure they will grow in their individual directions over time and not everyone will want to be associated with both.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.


Steve Freides, StrongFirst Team Leader


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Thanks for recommending my page Steve, I really appreciate it! The page is for everyone in this community and I hope that you will find it of use and I encourage everyone to share on the page as well!


Gabby Eborall

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There is also this one that Toomey is moderating:

Both are public.

Perhaps down the road an instructor only page will materialize both here and on the book of faces.
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