Rep fitness V2 sandbag

North Coast Miller

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Picked up one of these for my son, they recently upgraded their original bags. Very impressed though I honestly can't tell how long it might last-the build quality is high. Even though it is the same cordura value as my other bags, it feels like made of much tougher material.

All the webbing has full length internal mates, rivets at the point of highest stress, zippers are double stitched, canvas has a heavy duty water repellant coating on the inside. Filler bags are full length, handle wraps are tight, handle straps don't have a ton of slack. The empty bag with filler bags weighs over two lbs, this being the medium size.

Internal seams at the ends are bound.

I don't need another bag at the moment, but will pick up one of these when I do.

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I'm not sure which version I bought last year for our wildland firefighter pt's, but they were rep fitness. They Have held up well to frequent use. To be honest they are the same bag as the brute force but made in China. I bought brute force bags for my personal use. Point being the rep bags have held up for group pt's.
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