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Repeat Until Strong.

Damn, bad nose bleed whole day - for hours, don't know why. I skipped the swings, and did just the get-ups. Breathing only with one nostril, it was, well... still ok.

Today's practice:

- 5x1 get-up 44, 48, 44, 44, 44

Today's photo: W.A. Pullum performing a dumbbell Swing:

"...the bell has been 'fixed' by 'dipping' to the extend of 'sitting'."

I asked my colleagues how to call the position, and my friend Mateusz suggested "staggered squat". I love it.

Today's practice:

-3x5 goblet squats with 48
- 10x10 swings with 48
- 5x1 get-up each side with 44, 48, 48, 44, 44

Today's photo: Misloaded dumbbell - by mistake, or with purpose? What do you think?


@Pavel Macek
Maybe (at least I hope) this article will interest you: The One Dumbbell Workout | T Nation

Kind regards,


Thank you. I know the article, and I even quote part of it in my project I am working on. Today we shot some video preview material: 2 instructional videos (5 and 8 minutes) soon available for free on my English website. Stay tuned.
Today's picture: Kettlebell snatch. From Thomas Inch’s Scientific Weight Lifting (1905).


Not the best wrist position at the top of the snatch. I guess he hadn't read Pavel T's great-grandfather's book...
@Smile-n-Nod Agreed. But...

- it is a drawing, not a photo
- most of the old-timers performed "swing snatch" for single reps only, heavy
- most of them used both dumbbell and kettlebell - and the dumbbell hold is different
- most of them also trained one-handed lifts with barbell (heavy!), so I guess their wrists were used to this position, and very strong in it


I will definitely keep snatching according SFG standard. We are standing on the shoulders of giants, but we are constantly improving the methodology.
A heavy get-up on a hard floor > Olecranon Bursitis (Popeye Elbow). Damn. It does not hurt at all, but my elbow is... well, big. I will see if it heals, or if I need to go to see a doctor.
Ugh, that sounds like major suck. In the future, consider wearing a pair of 'Rehband 7mm Model 7051 Original Blue'. They last forever.
Well, just stretching, pistols, and some one-arm overhead squats. My "Popey's elbow":


Anyway, as the classis says (or sings), always look on the bright side of the world.

FAQ: What muscles does kettlebell lifting train?
A: Check out this drawing from an old Eugene Sandow’s book. It is just a small sample. Anyway, keep snatching, and you will tell tomorrow, mkay?

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